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Akshaya Alshi Award-winning talented Blogger & Influencer

Akshaya Alshi creates content on Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty and Travel. She also represented the Indian Blogger community for the international film festival

Akshaya is a big name in the Fashion industry of India, who made it big at the age of 18 by winning international Beauty titles and has been the face of India. Alshi now is a renowned fashion and lifestyle Influencer and Blogger in India.Alshi entered the fashion industry by being the face of India internationally, getting recognised in the country by the brands progressively. Alshi finished Fashion Business studies from London. 

She has a massive presence on Instagram as ‘Akshaya Alshi’  with a whopping number of followers. She creates content on Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty and Travel. Her audience loves her sense of fashion. She creates daily fashion inspiration for her generation and she gets commendable responses for her posts on Instagram. Alshi has worked with the biggest brands and has been featured on various websites and Instagram pages. She has collaborated with brands for editorials and social partnerships with popular brands.

However, as great a mind as she is, she shares most of the ideas that concern the art of fashion. Akshaya Alshi decided to put together her mind and soul in collaborating with brands pertaining to modelling. As she was the model from the beginning, she can easily pull off modelling shoots too. Coming from a wealthy background, Akshaya never had to struggle for anything.

But she was determined to make a mark in the fashion industry because she loved fashion since childhood. Influencing people need exceptional talent, and Akshaya Alshi has got unique ability and confidence, which is helping her capture name worldwide with her growing charm and undeniable beauty.

Akshaya Alshi has been the face of SIIMA Awards 2019, held in Doha, Qatar, as she represented Indian Blogger community for the international film festival. Thanks to her passion for fashion and impressive communication skills set that makes her who she is today.

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