Meet Aditya Kumar, The Youngest Founder of India’s Emerging Poetry Platform ‘Shayari Ki Diary’

Meet The Very Talented Aditya Kumar: Youngest Founder of India’s Emerging Poetry Platform “Shayari Ki Diary”

Aditya Kumar who is well known by his nickname “Adi” is a content creator and an influencer.

A poet can be soulfully defined as a creative thought that life in the rhythm of every heartbeat followed by the expression of words. Indeed the poets are certainly cool! Let’s get introduced to one such creative talent who is tremendously famous for his viral poetry page “Shayari Ki Diary”. Yes, Meet Aditya Kumar from Bareilly. Aditya Kumar is a content creator and an influencer well known by his nickname ‘Adi’.

The Beginning 

Born and brought in Bareilly, Aditya Kumar at a very young age was fascinated with the concept of storytelling and poetry. His mind is full of new thoughts, new concepts, and poetic words. Aditya Kumar completed his graduation from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule University, Bareilly. However, he always was keen and passionate about his fascination for storytelling and wants to concentrate on it as his career. 


In 2016, Aditya Kumar finally decided to follow his passion and make use of social media platforms to connect with different yet creative-minded people. Thus, Adi started a Facebook Page. Unfortunately, being a newbie in this digital era, he did not have much knowledge to succeed on his first try. Aditya reached out to various other creators of the same genre but no one helped him in his initial phase of the new Facebook page. 

Adi was left alone but he did not get disappointed and worked hard on his research. He deeply researched various concepts in poetry pages and he realized that most of the pages are in English with good reach and good traffic. Thus, the concept of a complete Hindi Page for Hindi speaking audience popped into his mind. 

Well, Adi decided to go with his amazing idea of creating a Hindi Poetry Page on Facebook. 12th February 2016 marked as the date of birth of “Shayari ki Diary”. Here he could entertain the audience who loved Hindi and also can follow his childhood passion. Within just 50 days of the creation of “Shayari Ki Diary”, the page got immense response and reached the count of 1 million followers. Adi was extremely overjoyed and this gave him the opportunity to monetize his page and live his life as an actual storyteller and a poet too! 

Family Response 

Aditya Kumar did not get a positive response from his family members as they thought he was doing some illegal work. The parents forced their restrictions on Aditya to shut down the Facebook page and so some sensible work like other conservative Indian families. Actually, the sudden income flow made them confused as they were less aware of the new digital era. After a lot of explanations about the work, the Facebook page, and how the people are appreciating his work, Aditya’s family members understood that he was not doing anything illegal. They became happy and were proud of their child that he achieved his dream of becoming a storyteller and followed his passion selflessly. 

The Progression of “Shayari Ki Diary” 

Within a few months, Shayari Ki Diary grabbed the attention of the creative audiences and today it stands strong with over 11 million followers on Facebook and 2.5 Lakh followers on Instagram. This tremendous response gave Adi an opportunity to work with some renowned brands like Mahindra, Asian Paints, Ambuja Cement, Policy Bazaar, Western Union, and many more. “Shayari Ki Diary” has also marked its presence in various TV shows and movies promotion. 

Shayari ki Diary is also famous for its video content. Millions of people watch and enjoy videos. Adi is keen on maintaining the standards of its video as his main focus is to provide his esteemed audience with the best quality of content. 

Community Outreach 

Shayari Ki Diary is appreciated a lot by the people. The poems and stories are helping people to stay happy and contended. Adi not only posts his own written poems on the page but also shares the poems of upcoming poets, thus, helping the newcomers by giving them the platform to reach the audiences. 

“Shayari Ki Diary” has certainly become a hope for newcomers who have the same passion for storytelling and poetry. Aditya Kumar knows the phase of ignorance he faced in his initial days. So, he makes sure that he helps others those are a newbie in this field. Until now Adi has helped thousands of upcoming writers and poets through “Shayari Ki Diary”. He also motivated and spread positivity through his poems during the tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Future Prospective

After seeing the unexpected response to the Facebook Page, Adi is working on a book titled “Shayari Ki Diary”. The book will include some of the finest poems throughout the 4 years of “Shayari Ki Diary”. Also, the fresh, new, and exciting poems will make their debut in the book. 

Aditya Kumar is also preparing for offline events for storytelling but the plans were halted due to the pandemic. However, the spirits are still high and plans are still lined up. They will be processed soon. 

“Shayari Ki Diary” along with Mushaira Poet is looking forward to launching an exciting OTT Platform. With this exciting move, Shayari Ki Diary will become the stellar platform of Poetry & Storytelling in the world.