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3Dot14 launches Radian, an AI-based DSP as a solution to Apple’s privacy changes

Over the years, 3dot14 has helped massive brands like Amazon, TikTok, Facebook, Shopee etc. to help run and curate their mobile marketing campaigns.

3dot14, a digital marketing company has launched “Radian” an AI-powered demand-side platform (DSP). The Radian’s ad serving algorithm has been designed to work with the recent Apple’s privacy changes.

A demand-side platform is a type of software that allows an advertiser to buy advertising with the help of automation. Because they allow mobile advertisers to buy high-quality traffic at scale with minimal friction, DSPs are a powerful nextgen marketing automation tool. Radian promises to help marketers overcome the fears around the latest developments since the introduction of iOS 14.5. ​​All of these changes signal a paradigm shift that the entire ad ecosystem needs to start really thinking about, and 3dot14 with their latest product will help the marketers navigate them.

The platform is able to place iOS bid requests which are SKAdNetwork (SKAN) compatible. Being SKAN compatible means that the bid requests have all parameters that are needed for the bidder to generate a valid ad response thereby enabling SKADNetwork to validate the ad signature and send install postbacks to the network.

With online marketing booming, and more and more advertisers looking to use programmatic buying for their mobile marketing, Radian has been offered to the open market at the right time. What makes Radian special is pointed out in the following points.

  • The algorithm of Radian is distinctive in its nature compared to other platforms in that it is able to optimise the campaigns on CPI and CPA basis.
  • The platform is integrated with more than 30 major ad exchanges like Pubmatic, Mopub, AdColony, AdX, Smaato, etc. to name a few which enables our advertisers to get access to the best inventories.
  • Radian also provides dashboard access to advertisers which provide them full transparency about the campaign details in real time.

Speaking about the formal launch of Radian, Afraz Naqvi, co-founder of 3dot14 said, “We have been trying to set our foot in the programmatic space for quite some time and have experimented by using different DSPs over the last few years. Finally, at the onset of this year, we at 3dot14 decided that it is time to build our own DSP Radianand the response we received from the advertisers during the testing phase over the last few months seems to have justified our decision.”

The beta testing partners for Radian were brands from a variety of industries and regions. To name a few, there was MPL Indonesia from the fantasy sports category, Myntra from the e-commerce category, CoinDCX from the fintech category, Kotak Mahindra Bank from the banking and finance sector, Gojek from the travel and delivery sector. The clients have had very positive feedback to Radian and thanks to the platform’s highly advanced algorithm the advertisers got their desired results.

About the company

3.14 is a leading digital marketing agency that helps you grow user acquisition, brand visibility, brand performance and enhance user engagement. The company has its head office in Delhi NCR, India with offices in London and Jakarta. The company started its operation in the year 2013 and has grown leaps and bounds over the years to become a very recognisable name in the Mobile Marketing industry. Over the years, 3dot14 has helped massive brands like Amazon, TikTok, Facebook, Shopee etc. to help run and curate their mobile marketing campaigns. You can learn more about the company by visiting 3dot14.co. For more information about Radian and its services, you can directly reach out to [email protected] and [email protected].

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