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TWCo bags prime South Mumbai property development; expects topline of Rs 700 crore

TWCo, an emerging firm led by Radeka Patil, makes a real estate development debut with an upcoming luxury residential high-rise at Haji Ali.

Turnkey Whitepaper Constructions (TWCo), a fully-integrated solutions-driven firm with an interest in mergers, acquisitions, real estate development, management and related professional services, has bagged the development mandate for Vellard View Premises Co-op Society located at Haji Ali in Mumbai. The development has helped TWCo to establish a firm footing in the Mumbai real estate market.

The Vellard View Premises Co-op Society is situated between the refreshing greens of the Willingdon Golf Club, Mahalaxmi Race Course on the north, the endless expanse of the sea on the west and against the backdrop of a vibrant cityscape.

It is a known fact that the real estate sector in the country had been struggling to cope with the revised policies and regulations, changing business dynamics, financial crisis and market uncertainties over the past few years. This scenario had resulted in a prolonged slowdown and an adverse impact on its sectoral development objectives. Besides, the pandemic made it further difficult for many developers, who are now saddled with incomplete projects – either delayed or completely stalled – and land parcels they are not in a position to develop.

TWCo Design-Develop-Deliver expertise and experience

“Understanding the complexities involved, having a foresight, restructuring and streamlining of existing processes, improving efficiencies with optimum planning, management and proficient execution of cost-effective uncompromised solutions have turned out to be the need of the hour for sustainable real estate development at the moment. Having a professional outlook and a process-driven approach has become extremely critical. Execution and timely delivery of projects are going to be key going forward. With our Design-Develop-Deliver expertise and experience, we play a vital role in collaborating with landowners, societies, NBFCs and investors, on distressed projects such as the Vellard View Premises redevelopment and see them through to completion. Our strength lies in understanding the need, evolving the right product mix and turning innovative ideas into reality with our clientele centric development approach,” said Radeka Patil, Founder & CEO, TWCo. Patil is a gold medallist architect who has in the past brought to life numerous award-winning landmark projects for prominent developers.

The project at Haji Ali, which had been affected by adversities for over a decade, has overcome its challenges with TWCo providing the project with a much-needed impetus and a new lease of life with the able support of an equity investor, a developer from down south. Under the agreement entered into, Turnkey Whitepaper Constructions will drive the project end-to-end, from design to delivery. The project topline is expected to be to the tune of around Rs. 700 crore.

“The feasibility of such projects is driven through innovative design and rearranging of the financial deck thus adding value and creating a win-win scenario for all the stakeholders,” she added

Construction work set to take off in the full swing

The development agreement with the Vellard View Premises Society and the members has been signed with almost 100 per cent consent. The site is construction-ready with excavation, piling and anchoring work already completed and actual construction work is set to take off soon in full swing.

“Integrity, transparency and thorough professionalism are at the core of TWCo. We believe that there is only one way to do things in any business – the right way. The Vellard View Premises redevelopment mandate awarded to us is a testament to our strong belief,” said Arun Mhaisalkar, Sr. Partner, TWCo, who is also a former chief architect and planner at CIDCO and former commissioner (planning) at DDA.

A unique combination of people, partnerships, processes and practices, along with extensive experience, market insights and deep understanding of business, make TWCo a powerful addition to any real estate redevelopment project. “We are a team of highly-skilled and vastly-experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as architecture, design, construction, finance, media and marketing working closely with an extended talent pool of consultants and contractors. With our multi-disciplinary real estate services, we not only facilitate projects and assist societies on board with the right developer or a development partner who would execute the project as envisaged, but also aid investors and NBFCs on such redevelopment projects while maximising the development potential and creating value for as their working partners. Besides, we also help land parcel owners monetise their assets,” said Radeka Patil.

Know more about Turnkey Whitepaper Constructions (TWCo) and its services at or call +91 22 46048880.

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