Digpu and Regional news channel partnership

Digpu News Network Collaborated  With 55 Indian News Publishers 

New Delhi : Digpu News Network (DNN) an Indian PR and news distribution agency added 55 Indian regional news publishers to its portfolio. Every day hundreds of new Start-ups are been launched in India and everyone is involved in some sort of unique and creative ideas. You can read various news stories about CEO’s of big corporates but none of Indian news channel talk about these start-ups. We signed an exclusive partnership with 55 Indian news publishers with a mission to promote deserving Indian talent in the global media and news space. 

Affordable PR Solutions for Indian Start-ups 

Being a start-ups it’s obvious that you have a limited marketing budget, press release through existing set up is highly expensive, it is all due to the TRP business in Indian news and media industry. No mainstream media publisher will entertain or publish content from small size companies. By keeping all these angles in mind, we collaborated with 55 digital news portals in India. Through this partnerships we will be able to publish stories of deserving start-ups in a very affordable cost. We create a PR package of 55 news channels at the cost of INR 5,500 only. The idea is to promote Indian skills worldwide. 

How we Started? Digpu News Network

Our humble but ambitious journey actually started in the year 2014 when a Mumbai based client of ours who belonged from the wellness industry, approached us to get a news article published and distributed on behalf of their brand. We approached a few wire agencies based out of the U.S and India for the task and got the job done. However, to our utter surprise, we found that the links were removed within a couple of months of their publication.

In past 5 years we have almost worked with  top PR agencies in the world, but results were always unsatisfactory this led us to start our own Digital News Network, said Devender Singh founder of Digpu News Network. 

International PR Agencies Are Manipulating Indian Market 

It is a dilemma that none of the Indian Public Relation company is involved in digital press release business and the entire market is manipulated by 2 to 3 USA based PR agencies. These USA based PR agencies are simply routing their PR content through Indian news agencies like PTI, ANI, IANS etc. The biggest problem in this set up is Uncertainty. You can never assure your clients that their PR content will surely get published. By keeping all these things in our mind we collaborated with 55 Indian digital news channels from various parts of the country. 

This is the first time in the history, when an Indian Public Relation company signed exclusive partnership with digital news publishers based in Tier-1-2-3-4 town of India. We were surprised to see that within 24 hours of an advertisement on Facebook, we got response from more than 600 digital news publishers from all across the nation. Everyone news publisher is unique in itself and doing fantastic work, but everyone is struggling to monetise their platforms. Our team spoke to almost all 600 publishers and found that digital PR is a new concept for all of them they were surprised when we say them that we will provide them content and also pay them against every published article. Initially, we have selected only 55 news publishers in several languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Oriya Marathi and more. The selection process was based on content quality, website design, monthly traffic and most importantly journalism level. The name of these publishers are Swatantra Prabhat, Bangla Hunt, News Monk, Prime18 News, Times18 News, Founder India, State of Affairs, Inside Ne, Business Sandesh, Hello Mumbai, Politico 24×7, India Saga, The Kashmir Pulse, News Bihari, Coastal Mirror, News India Tak, News Sense, News 24 Hours, News 4 Assam, Sanket Khabar, Aap Ki Awaz, Freedom Tv, Goarbanjara, My India News and many more. 

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