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Digpu News Network

We are a network of 500+ digital news publishers and aggregators. Our Indian regional and international feed network reaches 200+ online news publishers based in India (Tier 1-2-3-4), UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, UK and the USA.


How we started

Our humble but ambitious journey started in 2014 under our sister concern company, when one of our Mumbai based client from the wellness industry, approached us to get a press release article published on digital news publishers. We approached top two (02) news wire agencies based out of the USA for the task and got the job done. To our utter surprise, we found that the published links were removed within a couple of months of their publication, not only this there were no images, sub-headlines. Following our market research and experience, in the year 2018 (December) we started forging a network of our own, made up of regional and mainstream news channels with a lifetime link validity, quality publication.

What we do

We promote creative Indian startups and SMEs by publishing their brand stories on digital media space. Simultaneously, we support digital news publishers involved in non-partisan journalism.

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Digital PR Solutions

We provide customised PR solutions based on the market research and the inputs provided by the client. Then we develop multiple news articles in the form of press releases, interviews, news articles and published on our network of 500+ digital, print and YouTube news publishers.

How digpu is helping digital India news publishers
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Supporting Digital Publishers

Since our inception we are supporting digital news publishers involved in non-partisan journalism. In past 3.5 years, we introduced hundreds of regional and mainstream digital news publishers like Hindustan Times, LiveMint, News18 , Forbes India, Khaleej Times and many others.

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Access to 400 Publishers

Register with us to become our agency partner and get access to over 400 digital, print (newspapers & magazines), Satellite TV and YouTube news network. When it comes to digital press releases publication, we are the first choice of more than 75 PR Agencies in India, Korea, UAE and the USA.

Digpu News free voice with a critical edge
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Free Voice With A Critical Edge’ is what describes Digpu.com. We are looking at reinventing the idea of news at large. Our news service sets the standard for true journalism, accuracy, reliability, relevance and impartiality. Digpu.com is an independent daily English online news channel started in the year 2018 under the umbrella of Digpu News Network.

Digpu Clientele

We have developed and published 4000 branded content for 700 brands and individuals from all across the globe”.

Assured Publication


Assured Publication – The term given to the industry by Digpu. Regardless of how we have managed to change, shape and revolutionize the market, assured publications, featured images, quality articles and the lifetime of the link validity always remain the indispensable trait and the ultimate USP of Digpu News Network..

Our – Statistics


Started in March 2019, Digpu have created and published branded content for over 700 Startups, SMEs, Corporates and Individuals from almost every industry. We have successfully published over 3K branded PR stories to mainstream media publishers. Our own Feed network reaches to 220 online news publishers.

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