‘ZenoCare’ a health rewards program by Zeno Health is a customers’ delight

‘ZenoCare’ a health rewards program by Zeno Health is a customers’ delight - Digpu News

This unique health program rewards customers for purchasing medications that improve their overall health.

The vulnerability of India’s healthcare system is one of the most important takeaways from the pandemic. Pharmacy is one area that needs special care. In India, the number of chronically ill people is on the rise. A paradigm shift in medicine purchasing behaviour could have a significant influence. Medicines account for a substantial portion of all healthcare costs, thus, we must embrace the benefits of unbranded generic pharmaceuticals which are less expensive and have the same makeup as their branded equivalents.

Zeno Health introduces Zenocare

Zeno Health, a Mumbai-based generic-focused specialised omnichannel pharmaceutical firm has developed a first-of-its-kind health rewards program called ZenoCare, which incentivises users for everything from purchasing medications to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and developing healthy habits. Customers will be able to access a suite of services, including low-cost lab testing, medication discounts, and other wellness services, as a result of these rewards.

“Zeno Health is employing incentives to help chronic patients develop and maintain healthy habits, as well as to build an integrated healthcare environment. Monitoring health vitals in a timely and correct manner is one of the most important practises in assessing health and recommending future steps. Patients are currently paying a high price for it, and there is no openness about it, from price to comprehending their health reports.” says Mr. Siddharth Gadia, co-founder, Zeno Health. Zeno Health aspires to achieve complete transparency for lab testing in the same way they’ve for medicines: at a reasonable cost and with a comprehensive understanding of the components. If lab tests are offered at a fair cost and consumers are informed on the reports and how they will affect their health, individuals will be more likely to continue this practise and be able to better manage their health. The primary purpose is to ensure that people are reminded of the essential next steps promptly and receive the best possible service. There is still a lot of mystery around healthcare management, but this is a step toward offering holistic treatment straightforwardly and inexpensively.

What started as a company-operated business model, unlike most other pharmacies, it does not sell fast-moving consumer goods. At present, “Chronic patients lack a dependable source of information or a support network to assist them to manage their illnesses. With physicians pressed for time and pharmacies functioning as dispensaries, dispensing medications alongside FMCG products. This is where Zeno Health comes into play as it is not just a pharmacy. By building community, content, and services that go well beyond the simple dispensation of pills, Zeno Health is offering an alternative way of approaching healthcare – a way in which you address the illness proactively, not only when you are sick.” explains Siddharth.

About Zeno Health

Zeno Health is one of Mumbai’s fastest-growing pharmacy retail companies, with more than 90+ locations in various parts of the city. Erstwhile Generico, Zeno Health has already saved Mumbai consumers over INR 170+ crores in just three years since its inception, thanks to a team of 850+ dedicated employees and a customer base of over 12 lakh extremely satisfied customers. Zeno Health aims to satisfy consumer needs of trust on the quality of medicines, easy availability, and best price, per their mission statement– Think Medicines, Think ZenoHealth.

For more information, visit https://zenocare.online/.

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