You V YouTube – A Refreshing Take On Traditional Quizzing

You V YouTube - A Refreshing Take On Traditional Quizzing - Digpu News

YouTube Originals Show, You V YouTube was launched on 9th October 2021 and its new episodes are streamed at 7 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Weekends have just gotten sassier! Because they now bring with them, a promise of a plateful of superfoods for the brain, coated with the right amount of merry and fun and in the right bite-size. If you had been thinking you can’t have it all, You V YouTube and its makers are here to say, “Of course, you can! In fact, we are serving it to you!”

You V YouTube - A Refreshing Take On Traditional Quizzing - Digpu News

A YouTube Originals Show, produced by Fremantle, You V YouTube was launched on 9th October 2021 and its new episodes are streamed at 7 pm every Saturday and Sunday. It is hosted by Gaurav Kapur, the celebrity Indian television presenter and has a creator bench of twelve veterans from a wide array of fields from Math to Movies, English to Environment and Technology to Travel who curate the questions and pose them to the contestants. Yes, you read that right! The show indeed covers all of those topics and much more in every single episode. Talk about superfoods eh?! Trust me, this is just the starter!

For the uninitiated, in this quiz-cum-game show, the contestants have to answer ten questions across ten different subjects for an opportunity to win over ten lakh rupees. The experts who do the quizzing are Ganesh Pai, the math wiz, Roshni Mukherjee, the science expert, Gaurav Chaudhary, the technocrat, Arun Krishnamurthy, the environmentalist, Suchitra Tyagi, the movies and music aficionado, Gaurav Garg, the general knowledge virtuoso, Reena D’Souza, the sports champion, Ceema Picardo, the English phonologist, Nidhi Mohan, the health and wellness pundit, Ranveer Brar, the celebrity chef, Rachana Ranade, the finance guru and Tanya Khanijow, the travel know-all. While the first nine of them are the permanent creators of the show, challenging the contestants with the first nine questions, Ranveer, Rachana and Tanya are the guest creators who will be on rotation with one of them quizzing them with the tenth question based on the “wildcard” topic selected for that episode.

What follows in the show is an enthralling battle of wits between the contestants and the creators. But, one of the numerous features that sets this show far above other quiz programs is that the experts don’t just fire the questions away. They provide the background, share trivia and explain the context behind them which turn into valuable bites of information. Here are some of those moments to give you a heads up:

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to the naphthalene balls that you keep in your closet, after a few weeks? For the longest time, I thought the cockroaches ate mine away. And Gaurav Kapoor thought his were stolen by Ganesh Pai! Strange assumptions, both. But you must watch Roshni explaining what happens to them with visuals and what that process is scientifically known as. It would make our lives so much more meaningful if we knew exactly what is happening around us, wouldn’t it? Because then, we don’t have to give undue credit or discredit to anyone!
You V YouTube - A Refreshing Take On Traditional Quizzing - Digpu News
  • Another outstanding feature of the show is Gaurav Kapur’s banter which contributes to its top-grade EQ (Entertainment Quotient) levels. Some of the classic worth-watching-in-loop moments are Gaurav Garg’s advice on how to identify a lion and a tiger if they both crossed our path. Or, as GK observes, will there be even time for that? 
  • A banana would never feel lonely (as in “kela” feeling “akela”) on this show because it would find a lot of admirers for itself here, along with its flower, leaf and stem, with everyone going gaga on its nutritional values. 
You V YouTube - A Refreshing Take On Traditional Quizzing - Digpu News
  • GK’s take on general knowledge (aptly called GK ka GK), sprinkled throughout the series are guaranteed side-splitters! Lastly, that one question about the largest bovine in the world sending everyone’s heartbeat into a frenzy is surely one of the jewels in the crown of You V YouTube. It sums up everything that the show stands for; the priceless knowledge in a capsule, the riveting moment, the anxiety that causes hearts to beat like drums, the hearty cheering of all the creators and the excitement at being a part of that momentous time!

During the course of the contests, GK also unravels the hidden mind-blowing facets of the creators in his typical “I’ve heard that…” fashion. For instance, Gaurav, the techie, is the recipient of the Best Tech Influencer at the Cannes and possesses, hold your breath, over 700 mobile phones! Ganesh Pai is an endurance cyclist and has cycled more than 200 kilometres in eleven hours. Whoever said mathematicians were nerdy can take a walk! Ceema Picardo is ambidextrous, that is, can write with both hands, Roshni has made over 7000 YouTube videos in ten years and Arun is a proud pet parent of nineteen dogs!

Is the platter of superfoods tempting enough? Do watch You V YouTube on and catch up with its latest episodes this weekend at 7 pm.