Vu TV ensures a ‘Stadium-like Experience’ at home with its ‘Cricket Mode’

Vu TV ensures a Stadium-like Experience at home with its Cricket Mode

The most awaited ICC-T20 WC is here and Vu TV’s proprietary feature ‘Cricket Mode’ with Intelligent pixel technology, optimised brightness and Dolby audio surround sound mode is making sure you get a ‘Stadium-like experience’ at home.

Cricket is beyond popular in India. It is a game watched by millions and loved by billions. It’s a passion that runs in the blood. From kids playing it in the streets to everyone else having fun watching it at home, cricket has grown to be a widely popular sport. It is not surprising that cricket draws in over 90% of all sports viewers in India.

The thrill of watching a cricket match, live, at the stadium, is incomparable. The cheering, the ambience and the entire atmosphere take the match experience to another level. Still, millions prefer watching the game from the comfort of their homes with their families – on TV. The cricket viewing experience has dramatically changed in the last few years with the objective of making the game more interactive, immersive, and entertaining for viewers. So, it’s become imperative to ensure a similar, immersive experience for home viewing on a TV as well.

Vu, who is known for being the visionary and innovator in the TV industry with its ability to understand the consumer’s future lifestyle and create products that are high quality and well designed with a range of features, has redefined the watching experience of a cricket match through its innovative proprietary feature ‘Cricket Mode’ for the cricket-loving audiences. Its Intelligent pixel technology in Cricket Mode enhances each pixel, particularly while watching a match. The Cricket mode feature is available across its entire range of luxury televisions, right from FHD TVs to large screen 4K TVs and it has been a successful feature in the world of televisions –

Vu TV ensures a Stadium-like Experience at home with its Cricket Mode

Be ahead of the umpire with 100% ball visibility in fast motion shots

Watching cricket on TV, most of the cases viewers do not get clear visibility of the ball when the batsman hits the big shot and the ball is in full motion. You always find the speed and visibility of the ball is constrained. Vu developed a cricket mode button on the TV with optimized brightness and different picture setting to improve the appearance of cricket balls on every background in the stadium. This helps to create the depth in cricket ball and ground, to make sure the ball is clearly visible on any background of the stadium in respective ground, sky or audience.

Feel the stadium, but hear the commentary

Vu is optimized for cricket mode with Dolby Audio and Surround Sound. Boost the frequency range of human voice, so cricket commentary is clearly understood and heard above when the crowd is cheering and shouting. Enhance the perception of Bass frequencies to provide a deep, rich bass response from the TV’s internal speaker.

Watch the full cricket match without hurting your eyes

Vu’s inbuilt feature of Matte Glass technology and Intelligent pixel technology is a breakthrough specifically developed for cricket lovers. Matte Glass Technology with optimized brightness and picture setting on Vu TV, gives comfort to your eyes to watch the TV for long operating hours. Vu’s Pixelium Technology brings out the best in live sports and sets an exceptional standard for HD quality and clarity along with Up-scaling of cricket content from connected setup box. With a 178 x 178 wide viewing angle, it does not lose the colour and viewing thrill while watching the cricket match from any angle and corner of your room.

The most awaited ICC-T20 WC is here. On one side, Vu TV’s Cricket mode is making sure that your decisions are accurate like an umpire with optimized brightness; Intelligent pixel technology to watch the full cricket match without hurting your eyes and feeling the stadium with Dolby Audio and Surround Sound. Ensuring that you get a ‘Stadium-like experience’ at home. On the other side, Vu is celebrating cricket and pledging to giveaway Vu 4K luxury Televisions to the playing XI of the Indian Cricket Team on winning the ICC T20 WC.

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