VrLocal emerging as one of the fast-growing startups in India

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In a span of one year, VrLocal has reached, educated and served more than 90 clients. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has made it very important for people to keep their homes and offices clean and sanitized. Disinfection, sanitation, and cleaning have entered our daily lexicon. The current focus being hygiene, corporates and business organizations are in need of services like cleaning and maintenance. The demand for these services has increased in the past few months. With the beginning of the work-from-office pattern, organizations have to maintain hygiene and cleanliness for the safety of their employees. In addressing these requirements, VrLocal has played its role across India. 

The Founding Pillar of VrLocal

Sai Abhishek Rayarao, an entrepreneur since 2016, has various businesses in different sectors. One of these businesses is VrLocal which was established in 2019. His entrepreneurial journey started when he built a high-end handmade jewelry business that operates in the United States. VrLocal was started with the motive of providing hassle-free on-demand services to corporates and organizations. These services include fumigation, cleaning, plumbing, electricals, painting, disinfection, sanitation, and many more.

Abhishek speaks about his fascination for entrepreneurship, “I am always in search of great ideas that can be turned into strong businesses. My dream is to contribute my bit as an entrepreneur in creating an ecosystem to fuel opportunities to learn, collaborate and transform game-changing ideas into champions of their industry,” he says.

The Idea behind Entering the Hygiene Sector of India

The team at VrLocal recognized an opportunity in the Indian hygiene industry after vigorous research and study regarding the industry. There was only one prominent service provider in this industry. To break the partial monopoly prevailing in the industry, VrLocal decided to enter the industry as a high-quality on-demand service. VrLocal also recognized a gap in the end-users and the service providers. 

VrLocal has studied the prevailing demand in the market and delivered to the customers accordingly. The team knows that the first step towards success is understanding and satisfying the end user’s requirements. Another motive that Abhishek had while starting this firm was to create employment in the III/IV tier belts of India. People from these belts were hired and trained to provide the expert solutions the consumers are looking for. 

Another major shortcoming in this industry was the high demand for corporate on-demand services but limited supply.VrLocal started providing high-quality services by educating the clients with the benefits and advantages of these services. This has aided them in building a strong clientele. The more educated the clients are the more they value the services. The motive of starting VrLocal was to reduce these gaps and to focus on corporate on-demand services across India and the United States. The main hitch was the unorganized nature of this sector. To beat this shortcoming, VrLocal designed an organized set of services that would be beneficial for both, the clients and the organization. Another highlight of this organization is its 24/7 availability. A large network of technicians and trained service providers are accessible all around the clock. The bonus here is that the charges are nominal, along with flexible payment terms. 

Success Story of VrLocal

Even though VrLocal is a startup, it has branches in Hyderabad and Dallas, US. With merely three clients, the journey started in 2019. Today, they are serving 90+ clients across India and the United States. As a startup, VrLocal has shown swift and high growth in the period of one year. They have also bagged a few blue-chip clients which include Blue Dart, ICICI, HDFC, Zolo, Mahindra Finance, Standard Chartered, Bank of Baroda, Hyundai, and many more.

The hygiene sector of India has tremendous scope of advancement. Abhishek, feels that VrLocal will play a major role in India’s growth story in terms of hygiene. He says, “By 2022, we want to ensure that 50 percent of our services use robots for cleaning. For now, we are focusing on end-to-end solutions for corporates, but we plan to move full-fledged to the on-demand home services sector soon.”