Virtuous moment for Hari Charan Bade to get featured in Passion Vista

Virtuous moment for Hari Charan Bade to get featured in Passion Vista

Reflecting upon his flourishing life, Hari Charan Bade recommends every dreamer never to give up

Unified Brainz celebrated 2nd anniversary of its international magazine brand – Passion Vista with most eminent Indians in its anniversary edition “The Most Admired Global Indians 2020” which was launched virtually on 9th January 2021. The spectacular event witnessed not only powerful personalities but also leading visioners from different walks of life who craft curates, and conceptualizes to all the industries across the globe.

Hand in hand with his brother Ravi Bade, Mr. Hari Charan Bade is skyrocketing to accomplishments with his company, Ideas Add Media. The venture he inaugurated five years ago has already hoisted a name in the global market’s media industry. Ideas Add Media is a creative media and technology company that engages people locally to tell their stories. Under his headship and guidance, the company caters towards Corporate Film Making, Business Promotion Events, Branding, and Advertising. From building a strong network capability to providing the tailored services, Hari Charan takes pride in ensuring the successful promotions of corporate media requirements across various sectors along with the Director of the company S. Mohan.

Hari Charan Bade knowledge to run a successful firm comes from his failures. With every blunder, he chalks out what went wrong, and works on strategies to avoid the same error in the future. He regards Idea Add Media’s commendatory results in the past empirical projects, which were quite a risk and yet served as the foundation for this prosperous enterprise. Through projects and experiences like these, Hari made a note of the right ways to survive in the business and made acting upon the required changes his priority.

In the coming time, Hari Charan Bade and his team aim to accelerate the digital world and relentlessly meet ever-changing customer expectations by providing an immense range of services. They will also further expand the business with yet another venture, Charun Creatives, a productive media company with creative activities led by a prolific persona.

Being a reputable leader, Hari Charan Bade has a much-sorted way of working. He mentions that having a big picture in your mind and using a step-based approach to progress is far better than creating an unapproachable vision. In this regard, he adds, “Step-based progress enables you to analyze and evaluate what you have done so far and what more you can do.” Always open to learning, Hari awaits life’s surprises of teaching him something new at every new turning.

Passion plays a significant role in his life. Interestingly, Hari Charan Bade associates the word “passion” with the word “tricky.” It is what urges him to wake up each day and focus with a laser-sharp intensity to improvise on routine things. It is the passion that doesn’t allow him to lose interest from his responsibilities as the founder of the company. “And that’s what Ideas Add Media is to me. It is my passion. It is the spark that invokes the desire and hunger in me to find out what more I can do to make it even better, and I think this will last for my lifetime.”

For the kind of work that Hari Charan Bade does, awards and acknowledgments come frequently. He’s been awarded the Global Business Leadership Award 2020 for Marketing Excellence and Recognition of work for International Children Film Festival (19ICFF). Actively involved with the government, Hari is also a recipient of much recognition for his work there. Passion Vista recognizes such initiatives with a belief in promoting such prestigious personalities. To know more about the international brand checkout or to nominate for upcoming projects email at

Hari Charan Bade believes in creating an innovative workforce, that doesn’t shy away in the face of changing times, but is bold enough to not only survive but thrive and outshine others. Having a clear idea of the vision, he devotes all significant efforts to achieve the highest level of quality in maintaining strong bonds with the company’s customers and partners. He shares his mantra for readers across the globe, “Believe in yourself because only you will never leave your side.”

Reflecting upon his flourishing life, Hari Charan recommends every dreamer never to give up. Walking on his path means surefire success because he is someone who didn’t let go of his goal, despite many hurdles. By surrounding himself with various story experiences, Hari remained stirred to stay unique, hunted his passion, and fortified those around him to strive for the best. He advises every goal-oriented person to do the same to reach closer to long-lasting success.