Varun Budhijara prided himself to be amongst The Global Indians 2020

Varun Budhijara prided himself to be amongst The Global Indians 2020

Varun Budhijara’s vision of providing high-quality products to the Indian workers

Unified Brainz celebrated 2nd anniversary of its international magazine brand – Passion Vista with most eminent Indians in its anniversary edition “The Most Admired Global Indians 2020” which was launched virtually on 9th January 2021. The spectacular event witnessed not only powerful personalities but also leading visioners from different walks of life who crafts, curates and conceptualizes to all the industries across the globe.

Change is the only constant. Not just in life, but even in the business world, only those who adapt to changes can rise to become an entrepreneurial superhero. Varun Budhijara, Director & CMO at Euro Safety Group of Companies, accepted this reality early on in his professional journey. It is for this reason that he and his company could adapt to and meet the rising need for PPE kits during the pandemic of 2020.

Euro Safety Group started as the Safety Footwear manufacturing arm of Roger Industries Limited (a manufacturer of fashion footwear for export est. 1979), and then gradually diversified into other safety products. It has manufacturing facilities in India, sourcing offices in the far east, and marketing offices spread across the globe. The company’s subsidiary Boa Safety Solutions, which manufactures and distributes PPE to Africa, operates in South Africa. Soon, Euro Safety Group plans to expand aggressively and become a multinational PPE conglomerate.

As the scion of a forty-year-old company, Varun intends to lead with vision and purpose to elevate Euro Safety Group to towering heights. Varun Budhijara shares his two keys for long-term success- dedication towards work and commitment to quality. “To that end, I try to hire and empower the right people at every stage,” he adds about his work personality.

The year 2020 was the one in which Varun Budhijara and his team worked relentlessly to provide the best quality PPE kits for the warriors of the health department. Keeping with India’s drive, “Make in India,” they tried to source maximum raw materials locally. With help from the Rajasthan government and local vendors, and with Varun’s vision of providing high-quality products to the Indian workers, Euro Safety Group produced around fifty-thousand PPE kits per day!

Before becoming a savior for the people of India fighting COVID, the world of literature and design was Varun Budhijara’s passion. He authored the book “VD Artistic Verses” while following his dreams. Varun Budhijara is also a certified footwear designer and developer for the luxury fashion footwear market. Today, even though he is in a completely different profession, his zeal for literature and art helps him oversee the creative content and design used by the Euro Safety Group.

Varun Budhijara also actively oversees the CSR wing of their business group called Roger Foundation. Over the years, he also redesigned his passion to providing well-designed PPE kits to the Indian workers and scaling Euro Safety into a world-class brand. In this regard, Varun exclaims, “If anything, Euro Safety gives me a comprehensive outlet to channel all of my interests, keeping my mind balanced.”

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Varun Budhijara’s dream is half-way there for the recognition and appreciation Euro Safety Group receives regularly. Different ranking agencies, publishing houses, and individual companies admire the firm for its quality in manufacturing, productivity, performance, and branding in India. In a short period of its operations in the PPE market, Euro Safety has been awarded many titles and accolades for its quality manufacturing. The Government of India has recognized Euro Safety Group as the “Most Innovative MSME” and “Most Productive MSME.”

While that is about his company, Varun, too, is the achiever of many prestigious awards like the Visionary Leadership Award by World Quality Congress, India’s greatest brand & leader Award 2017-18 by Asia One Magazine, Young Achiever Award, and Northern Regional Export Award  (CLE) and now one with Passion Vista. Passion Vista is such a platform who believes in promoting prestigious personalities. To know more about the international brand checkout or to nominate for upcoming projects email at

Varun Budhiraja cites the research by Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania to explain his route to success. The researcher hypothesized that any task requires dedication for a minimum of ten years to become the best at it. He asserts how other aspiring businessmen/businesswomen and professionals should not fall back on such dedication and long-term commitment. It is only then that they can become the best version of themselves.