Top 50 Influencers 2020 Announced By G-Town Society Magazine, India

Top 50 Influencers 2020 Announced By G-Town Society Magazine, India

G-Town Society, a leading pan India Magazine recently announced the Top 50 Influential Personalities from all over India

G-Town Society, a leading pan India Magazine recently announced the Top 50 Influential Personalities from all over India. The handpicked influencers will be honoured at the gala event of the Indian Excelsior Awards on 20th March 2021.

The motive behind this award ceremony is to recognize personalities nation-wide who have successfully made an impression on their fields or businesses, to celebrate their success and to encourage others.

This year the influencers are selected on the basis of their knowledge, success, and achievements. The influencers come from different fields; education, art, science, spiritual healing, medical, and many more. However, the outstanding contribution of every influencer in the list in the upliftment of society as a whole is the focal point of their selection.

The top 50 influential personalities are:

  • Akannksha Sharma, spiritual coach, Reiki grandmaster, Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot/Angel Card Reader.
  • Sanjay Upadhyay, a sales and marketer at Hero Motors.
  • Sumit Srivastava, Founder & CEO of Bimagurukul.
  • L. Angelina Diana, a young and passionate author.
  • Dr. Sunil Singh, a stalwart in pharmaceutical with 10+ years of experience
  • Deepika Sahani, Tarot Card reader with clients from all over the world after achieving recognition at the 2010 Macau Fest.
  • Mahesh Bang, A highly-acclaimed Astrologer, Numerologist, and Vedic Consultant; also known for predicting some historical world events..
  • Imthyaz AC, Conferred with the title of ‘Vaastu Acharya’ by his own Teacher
  • Shanmuga Priyan, Shanmuga Priyan, a young entrepreneur from South India.
  • Kanika Rana, Founder of ‘Kanika Rana Fine Jewellery’ in Surat.
  • Anil Kumar, Founder of Fitness Empire, Bangalore.
  • Raman Gogia, a top-class businessman .
  • J.A Rajendran, devoted environmentalist, and the founder of Telemachus Infra Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. J. Alexander, philanthropist, and a retired IAS Officer; former Chief Secretary and Cabinet Minister (Tourism) in Karnataka, India.
  • Dr. Sangeeta Ahuja, interior designer, architecture, philanthropist, advocate for women empowerment and human rights.
  • Dr. Sanjana Bakshi Dutta, a reformer in the field of education; Principal of D.A.V Public School, R.K Puram, Delhi,
  • Vikram Sharma, Founder of Mystic Brains, a motivational speaker, educationist, and world-renowned business coach.
  • Gautam Bali, renowned celebrity make-up artist from Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Dr. Piyush Pushkar Singh, An orthopedic and a philanthropist; feeds at least 50 people per day.
  • Prof Sidharth Gupta, senior professor, and oral dental care professional.
  • Nupur Heda Patil, a professional Tarot Card reader and a spiritual healer.
  • Lalit Sharma, Co-founder, and expert at Tezz Dimag
  • Dr. Ankit Sharma, dermatologist,hair specialist and philanthropist.
  • Nitesh Kakkar, a sous chef at Le Meridien.
  • Ankur Jain, owner of CVD Diamonds (Delhi) – an authentic range of lab-grown diamonds.
  • Gowtham Aashirwad Kumar, an educator in the field of business and marketing.
  • Smita Ghosh, an eminent psychologist, and hypnotherapist.
  • Sheetal Jain, professional Image Consultant.
  • Smitaa, travel consultant and the brain behind Travel Urze.
  • Jai Ram Meena, marketeer and entrepreneur; CMD of Nameste Bharat Wellness Private Limited –
  • Kanchan B Sharma, Vastu Expert, and spiritual healer.
  • Reena Dhupia, Immigration Expert.
  • Anju Dhingra, produce, lyricist, and writer at Bollywood film production house – A6 Productions Pvt Ltd.
  • Dr. Shridha SHEKH, a physiotherapist from Mumbai who aims to focus on healing the back area, especially in women after menopause.
  • Varun Rastogi, a real estate and wealth management professional.
  • Bala Krishna, an eminent educationalist, and environmentalist.
  • Dasharathraj k. Shetty, an academician by professional and storyteller at heart
  • Shinu Abraham. An Educationist and a reformer in the field of education.
  • Mohd. Janab, A celebrated hairstylist from the State of Jammu and the owner of Kings Spa.
  • Ayaan Sharma, a celebrity artist with 10+ years of experience; runs his own brand called ‘Aryan’s’;
  • Devyangi Dalal, a world-renowned audiologist and speech therapist.
  • Dr. Lita Mohapatra, a doctor and women entrepreneur icon for her venture – Losjovenes Clinicology Pvt Ltd (LJC).
  • Soma Ghosh Chandra, a classical vocalist and playback singer by passion and profession; the founder of MAC.
  • Sanjeev Aggarwal, Managing Director at Globe Panel Industries Pvt Ltd. In Yamuna Nagar; a business icon, and role model to many.
  • Aryansh Arora, author at the age of 18; has published 3 books, and co-authored more than 50 books, and has won countless awards for the same.
  • Kavita Khatana, a scientist, academician, educator, social worker, and author; Computational Biology Expert at Galgotias University.
  • Shaily Sharma, a marketing executive, motivational speaker, and young entrepreneur; has experience of 11+ years in the aviation industry.
  • Surekha, a poet and writer, who has recently published her own book of poetry
  • Rajesh Singh, Managing Director at Vatican Shona Agrotech Pvt Ltd, and CEO at Tissue Sagwan Commercial Project led by Tissue Culture Plants Company.
  • Dr. Vivekananda Chakroborty, Headmaster at Midnapore Town School; has received multiple awards including the National Award to Teacher by the Government of India.

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