One Stop Tollywood Box Office Hub -

One Stop Tollywood Box Office Hub –

Track Tollywood has also recently launched, which is an exclusive portal related to OTT content

Cinema is like a religion in India. There is no other place in the world where stars are adored so much and films are watched with so much obsession. In the south industry, the actors enjoy such a larger-than-life image that their hardcore fans literally worship them. Many websites have come in order to bring updates and news about Telugu films. However, is unique and more informative than all of those websites.

The website was started in 2020 with the purpose of educating the public about Telugu movies. The site aims to bring exclusive updates about the South Indian film industry, emphasizing particularly on Telugu films. reports box office collections, booking status updates, pre-release business, shooting status updates of several films, inside industry buzz, and other exclusive info about Telugu films. The website also reviews films on their release day with a neutral mindset. The reviews focus on constructive criticism and they don’t rip apart any technician or cast member associated with the film.

Besides, the website also takes the effort to remember the anniversaries of old Telugu classical films by talking about their impact on the audience back in those days. Track Tollywood has been on the social media platform Twitter since 2015. However, the reach of Twitter is limited. So, the website has created an enormous impact by catering to a large section of audiences across the globe. The website has a complete Box-office database of all films starting from 2011 and many eminent movies released in the early 2000s. Track Tollywood’s database is the largest for any website in Tollywood, with a database of more than 150 films. Day by day, the data for more and more movies are being added, and shortly, the website will have the data for at least 300 films. The box office database in the website sorts the box office data by comprehensive collection, first-day collection, first-weekend collection, and even weekly collections. The database is accessible for visitors at no cost. also has a unique data point for calculating grosses of upcoming films based on their pre-bookings. The website is also the first to update the pre-release business of forthcoming movies.

The website also provides first-hand information about upcoming films of Telugu stars and the industry buzz. Track Tollywood has very good sources in the industry, so the articles on the website provide accurate information about the updates in the industry. Unlike other websites, Track Tollywood doesn’t publish baseless rumours about actors to get more clicks and isn’t biased towards any actors.

Track Tollywood has also recently launched, which is an exclusive portal related to OTT content. Currently, the beta version is available, and soon the full-fledged site will go online. Binge Watcher has a vast collection of Worldwide Movies and Web series details along with cast, crew, and online links to access the content.

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