The Smoke Lab experiments changing lifestyles in simple, yet groundbreaking ways

The Smoke Lab experiments changing lifestyles in simple, yet groundbreaking ways - Digpu News

Smoke Lab sources locally and responsibly to support the local communities of farmers in India.

The Smoke Lab has been experimenting with its resources, actively pursuing what is merely given lip-service by a growing civic-minded public. After achieving a zero-carbon footprint and zero waste facility at their Rajpura plant, it has developed other, significant labels that offer a refined or specially curated taste of the overall Smoke Lab experience.

The dream of living a conscious yet comfortable lifestyle that does not step on the toes of an already fragile ecosystem drives the guiding spirit of these experiments which have yielded Smoke Wear and Smoke Water. These specialized brands help Smoke Lab define a voice of their own, inflecting their progressive practices for the environment with an aesthetic vision for a modern, sustainable future. It is important for brands to create a substantial identity of its own that is oriented around the ethic of living responsibly, as its primary commitment.

Meanwhile, their original purpose in refining the produce of their plants has only improved over the last few years. Using modern sparkle filtration for a soft, clean and smooth finish. Before filtration, the spirit is diluted down to 40% ABV with de-mineralized, pure Himalayan natural spring water, after extra polishing, a sparkle filter is used with a small amount of silver applied to the final carbon filter to remove any extra impurities. The liquid produced through the filtration process is exceptionally clean and emphasizes the use of basmati rice grain over potatoes- whether you are looking for an ultra, pure spirit or a mixture of adventurous flavors, the Smoke Lab has prepared the most inventive map to realizing your essential spirit.

The Smoke Lab experiments changing lifestyles in simple, yet groundbreaking ways - Digpu News

Since the Smoke Lab produces its own energy, they use the steam generated from the plants for the purpose of production work, converting steam back to water whenever required and again back to the energy plant for creating steam. This cycle ensures the water is always reused and never wasted. The Zero discharge manufacturing facility in Rajpura highlights its commitment towards sustainability and effective eco-friendly models of production. These practices are not a simple byproduct of their work but form the core set of principles around which their outlook for Smoke Lab is organized for an equitable world that requires several such changes in our daily habits of consumption.

Not one to rest on their laurels, Smoke Lab goes even further by sourcing locally and responsibly in order to support the local communities of farmers in India. Smoke Lab works with these communities and educates them on responsible farming of basmati rice grains, water, aniseed and saffron. Being restless and always moving forward is another one of their guiding principles.

As part of their conscious effort to introduce renewable modes of living and drinking, the Smoke Water was created to provide a solution to the problem of packaged water. Bottled at the Himalayan source, natural spring water is packaged into aluminum cans that are recyclable on use. Replacing the non-biodegradable options available everywhere in the country is a primary objective for them as wide-scale use of plastic bottles has accelerated the pace of global warming. 

From spirit to fashion, the change and development in styles and methods are part of The Smoke Lab’s approach to envisioning lifestyle comforts without giving up on ethical practices. Conceptualized by Sanya V. Jain, Smoke Wear rejects the arbitrary and frequently narrow stereotype of gender as consideration for stylish, everyday fashion. Based on the ethos of ‘Living Responsibly’- which motors the vision of the Smoke Lab as a whole- the second collection (2020) featured entirely upcycled fabric.

Gender neutrality and eco-consciousness are the significant touchstones for this label. The commitment to sustainability and running a workable outfit was sorely tested by the pandemic-induced stoppages last year but the collection did not compromise on its vision and practice. Using all-organic cotton pieces, hand-picked, hand-woven and hand-dyed from a sustainable pool of fashion waste using zero chemicals, a comfortable androgenicity defines the look of the collection that gives men and women a chance to return to the basics of their identity: formless and shape-shifting, like smoke.

Smoke Lab aims to raise the bar when it comes to social responsibility and action. Their eco-friendly practices are not operated in a vacuum but meant to work towards involving the collaboration of local artisans, workers and artists to think about the new ways in which environmentally safe practices of consumption can be encouraged and helped to grow. These initiatives, however well-intentioned, cannot take root unless the brand is involved with local communities in a direct manner. Towards the beginning of the lockdown last year, they donated sanitizers to state departments in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

Along with the Smoke Safety Kit, which aims to develop dynamic safety initiatives in our world of new uncertainties, the Smoke Lab experience is bringing about the quiet change in conscious, everyday lifestyle that consumers have been waiting to see for years. 

Varun Jain, the brain and the heart behind the entire operations of Smoke Lab works with a number of charities. Prem Daan – Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa Home located in New Delhi is a charity that provides a home to more than 150 mentally challenged females of various ages. In addition to the regular staff, the huge housing has in-house doctors as well as other para medical staff. Varun has been a benefactor and supports the institution whenever he can.