The Histare Group envisions shaping India’s Creativity through disruptive methodologies

The Histare Group envisions shaping India’s Creativity through disruptive methodologies - Digpu News

The Group is a new-age organisation that envisions formulating value-based relationships to synergize the combined potential focussed on creating sustainable solutions for exponential cultural and business growth.

Inspired by the belief that living in harmony with heritage enhances the quality of life, the  Histare Office of Research and Advisory crafts its Smart Programmes, presenting a handpicked assemblage of unique, aesthetically inspiring collections. The programmes are our endeavours to showcase the incredible depth and diversity of India’s cultural heritage.

“We are consistently working on integrating our foundational principles into strategies, programmes and methodologies to cultivate a culture of morality. Histare is not only upholding its fundamental focus towards promotion of the creative industry, but is also attentive to its long-term development. We are focused on bringing fair trade into practice and then highlighting India’s hidden treasures.” Says Dr. Rikimi.

“We are extremely proud of our consortium of worldwide communities and aspire to strengthen them in our pursuit of developing creative industry” says Brig H C Chukerbuti. “Our Global Patrons’ Pad is a Collective of the Creative World’s influencers patronizing Traditional Artists as they carry forward what has been handed down as beautiful and culturally significant into our contemporary lives and communities. Our core goal is to provide support and resources to Traditional Artists, endearingly called tradition bearers, as they carry forward the wisdom and skills of art forms molded and shaped by many generations before them.”

“With Yamini Kumar Jaipuria as the first patron highlighting the ever-evolving Artistic Ideologies of India through the eyes of Histare Group, we have initiated change aimed at advancing creativity and recognising the contributions of an individual artists creativity woven into tradition.” Says Simran Wahi Vadehra.

“We intend to introduce advanced technology in the organization as an interdisciplinary area of study. And also to enable the core functionalities of the organization using smart- tech and create a future-ready new age arts company” says Akhil Vadehra.

About Histare Group:

The Histare Group was founded in the year 2016 and is headquartered in the capital of India. The Group was created with the aim to advance ideas to transcend temporal boundaries by encompassing creative minds.

About Histare Office of Research and Advisory:

The Histare Office of Research and Advisory (HORA) is an interdisciplinary professional organization of young researchers and art specialists focused on stimulating and supporting a study to promote advances in the study of creativity and innovation.

HORA plans to create an institution for the study of creative ideology and advance research, with a view to promoting development in the field of creativity across a broad range of disciplines. The objective of the initiative is to encourage cooperation amongst professionals and support the application of research findings aimed at broadening enhanced knowledge absorption.

About Circle of Interest

The Histare Group’s foundational Principles carry-out responsibilities in the areas of Circle of Interest. The organisation has incorporated principles in relation to sustainability, economic and social upliftment, bringing the artisans to the fore and adhering the WFTO’s fair trade model.

About Smart Programmes

We believe that the progress of the art industry can be nurtured through the development of creative concepts based on thematically organized research. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted concept-based programmes that functionally speak to our principals. Each of our concepts cater to a specific category of art and artists, and are supported by some of the best, Internationally renowned creative minds of our times.

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