A Testimony To A Fine Art By Ivan Wong

A Testimony To A Fine Art By Ivan Wong- Digpu News

Ivan Wong’s photography art Sony’s attention and he became a founding member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective.

The era of photography has unfolded with great uncertainty but this form of art paved its path into the minds of the people with great ease and affection. Today photography is being loved globally, as it is one of the most experimented forms of art. While we praise the photo, we overpass the artist who has put in the effort to capture a breathtaking picture. To celebrate one such artist- Ivan Wong, a New York-based photographer is known for his unique and special style in the photographing industry.

Ivan, who is a graduate of the university of southern California, moved back to NY to pursue consulting management as his career. But his love for photography grew so, alongside his job, he started experimenting with the camera. Ivan comes from low-income households, where it was hard to make ends meet. But his passion never held him back and as soon as he got the job, he bought a camera with his savings.

After that, there was no looking back. He started posting pictures he had taken on Instagram and over 3 years he gained 130k people as his followers. As a self-taught rising photographer, he has established his name in the industry with his inception style photos, light trail photography, and colorful portraits.

Ivan Wong’s photography art Sony’s attention and he became a founding member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, hand-picked by Sony to represent their brand. Likewise, in mobile, he was picked up by Google as a founding member of Team Pixel to represent the Pixel phone’s camera.

His popularity grew with time due to his extraordinary content, and he started getting commendations from other brands like Audi, Razer, Gillette, DJI, and more.

Given his substantial accomplishments and participation in the scope of contemporary photography, Wong is well known for many of his remarkable records. Ivan Wong produced artwork for Dua Lipa in “Alita: The Battle Angel”, filmed the music video from the ‘Continuum’ album, ‘Tidal,’ for Shook, created the cover art for “Lace-up” and “Empire” by Wengie, and co-produced the music video for JVNA’s “I’m With You,” among others.

Ivan Wong says, “The ability to manifest an idea and identity can give birth to iconic imagery that will create a legacy in your business endeavours.”

Ivan Wong is an inspiration for many in the field of photography. His unique approach to it has built a never-ending legacy, which will encourage many. His imagination and experimentation have equally contributed to his success. Today his art is a live testimony of his incredible talent.