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Review: Tech Professionals Look To Scaler Academy To Upskill

Scaler Academy has a curriculum that is apt for working professionals and makes studying convenient while one works.

Scaler Academy Review: In the world of technology, every day comes with new developments. Tech professionals need to stay on their toes and absorb the latest trends, languages and programs that can help them stay relevant in an ever-changing atmosphere. For many tech professionals who aspire to switch roles and companies, upskilling is one of the pivotal ways to achieve this.

“Job opportunities through placements at my college were limited to service-based companies. After I upskilled and got into PayPal, I realised I was the first student from my college to get placed at a product based company”, says Ashish Sarkar, SDE2 at PayPal.

One of the key requirements to switch from a service-based company to a product based company is good knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms. Data Structures and algorithms are tools that enable efficient problem-solving skills for most commonly used programming languages. Among many education portals, Scaler Academy is one ed-tech startup with a curriculum that provides learners with the required knowledge to get into the best companies and thrive in the industry.

What is DSA, and why is it important?

Most product-based tech companies look for candidates who are well versed in DSA. Data Structure and Algorithms help to write efficient code and to handle the data efficiently. The data structure concepts can be implemented in any programming language. If the programmer does not know the pre-defined algorithmic techniques, it may take a longer time to resolve the problem.

A data structure is a named location that can be used to store and organise data. An algorithm is a collection of steps to solve a particular problem. Learning data structures and algorithms allow us to write efficient and optimised computer programs. A tech professional with proficient knowledge in DSA is seen as an asset in most product-based companies.

How does Scaler Academy help?

Scaler Academy has a curriculum that is apt for working professionals and makes studying convenient while one works. At Scaler, a learner begins with a simple 30 minutes MCQ test, allowing the ed-tech platform to decipher the level at which the learner can start their Scaler journey – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Scaler has broken down its programs into 3 grades to make the syllabus comprehensive – introduction to programming, programming constructs & problem-solving and CS fundamentals.

Introduction To Programming

Introduction to programming is for novice coders and learners or a professional who needs a refresher. The topics covered in this include Decision trees & control, Binary number system, Strings, Arithmetic operators and Loops.

Programming Constructs

This program spans 8 weeks and is essentially for professionals who know at least one programming language. Program constructs cover topics such as Functions, Recursion, Pointers, Structures, Unions & Dynamic Arrays and Asymptotic notations.

After completing the introduction to programming and programming constructs, a learner then learns problem-solving and CS fundamentals.

Problem Solving & CS Fundamentals

This 15-week program is designed to give software professionals an in-depth understanding of topics like Time Complexity, Arrays, Strings, Binary Search, 2 Pointers, Recursion, Hashing, Sorting, Bit manipulation, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees, Tries, Heap Greedy, DP, Graphs, DB, OS, and Computer Networks.

Every learner then gets to choose one specialisation – backend specialisation or full-stack specialisation, and further specialise in Advanced DSA, Concurrent Programming and/or Program Management.

Scaler’s programs are scheduled at convenient timings for working professionals, at a pace that helps one cope better. Scaler also offers a mentorship program. Every learner is allowed to choose a mentor from reputed organisations in the industry. A monitor helps with doubt resolution, career guidance and advice on the best next step based on the learner’s career goals.

What are the learner reviews of Scaler Academy?

“There are a ton of online courses and resources for DSA which are bound to leave you confused. That’s why you need a carefully structured program like Scaler Academy. The curriculum at Scaler is not like how it is in college—even the subsequent batch will not have the same curriculum as yours. That is how fresh and industry-oriented the system is at Scaler.” says Rajandeep Singh, SDE, MindTickle.

Apart from freshers and professionals with over 1 year of experience, others like Praphul Sinha, with significant experience, have also benefited from Scaler’s courses. “With more than 15 years of experience, I wasn’t looking for just any unstructured CS course. I wanted to brush up on all my skills and completely solidify my grasp on most software topics. I was expecting mostly DSA, but apart from that, they taught a lot of math, a ton of problem-solving, and many other topics that I wasn’t anticipating. I was pleased to see, since those are often the ones to be overlooked, but are essential parts of a well-rounded approach to tech upskilling.” says Praphul.

So is it worth exploring Scaler Academy for working professionals?

Scaler is revolutionising online learning and upskilling in 2021. It is one of the most promising platforms that ensure excellent knowledge, guidance and placements. Scaler Academy has helped over 1,500 learners move from service-based companies to product-based companies since 2019 and continues to do so for years to come.

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