Tata CLiQ Luxury’s new gifting campaign celebrates timeless bonds this festive season

This festive season, celebrate relationships with a timeless gift from Tata CLiQ Luxury

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Great relationships, unlike everything fast in this world, are built over time on the foundations of love, trust, and care. Through thick and thin, the people who stand by you are a handful of them, and they are the ones for whom going the extra mile is worthwhile.

We all have relationships that we treasure, such as friends who have moved away but are always available to encourage and support us, bosses who have helped shape us into the people we are today, or neighbours who give us something to look forward to on weekends! These are people who have stood by us in our endeavours, and we truly treasure them. It is important to celebrate these relationships. A way to do that is through a gift selected with the same passion, effort, and time put into the relationship, which becomes the conduit for expressing how much you value the person and the bond you share with them.

This festive season, Tata CLiQ Luxury, India’s premier luxury lifestyle platform, encourages one to commemorate relationships that hold a special place in your heart with timeless gifts. Through their latest gifting campaign, the brand casts a spotlight on thoughtful gifting by recognising and celebrating different kinds of relationships which deserve to be treasured and chronicled. 

The brand film, titled ‘Soulmates’, portrays the bond between former spouses. The narrative briefly showcases how much they value the time they spent together and care for each other even after parting ways because they’ve been such an integral part of each other’s lives. It beautifully captures their bond, which is acknowledged by the thoughtful gift they handpick for each other from the platform. 

This festive season, celebrate relationships with a timeless gift from Tata CLiQ Luxury

Festive period is a time to rejoice. It gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude to people we cherish and appreciate them for all the joy they spark in our lives with gifts from brands built on legacies as old as time.  

As the go-to destination for #LuxeGifting, Tata CLiQ Luxury provides curated premium and luxury brands across a range of categories like Accessories, Apparel, Beauty & Grooming, Footwear, Gourmet, Home Décor, Stationery, Watches, and more, all of which are crafted for the unhurried and perfected over time to celebrate special bonds and stories. The film highlights this by showcasing the thoughtfully curated gifts one can shop for this festive season to celebrate the people who matter most to them and the relationships they share.

This festive season, celebrate relationships with a timeless gift from Tata CLiQ Luxury

By embracing the principles of Slow Commerce, Tata CLiQ Luxury enhances the consumer’s online luxury shopping experience by shifting the attention to finer elements like craftsmanship, heritage, and the value of an experience, where browsing is a delight and quality is nurtured. 

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