Introducing Swagger Sharma: A Supremely Talented Viner on YouTube

Introducing Swagger Sharma: A Supremely Talented Viner on YouTube

Shivam Sharma aka Swagger Sharma is the most searched, most-famous YouTube channel

YouTube is a tremendous source of entertainment these days and gaining a lot of popularity amongst the creators. On the other hand, it is one of the best platforms for the newbies to showcase their unique talented ideas. Many YouTubers, viners, video bloggers have already carved their name on this platform and are now at the peak of popularity. Let’s meet one such YouTuber, Shivam Sharma, who is amongst the best video makers on this amazing platform.

Shivam Sharma aka “Swagger Sharma” is really amazing, you can say pretty much interesting though! His videos are getting hits in seconds as soon as he uploads them. To our wonders, Swagger Sharma is blessed with whopping 4.1 Million subscribers and the counting is still on!

Let’s talk more about Shivam Sharma…

Shivam Sharma is a middle-class boy fond of acting and comedy since childhood. Though, Shivam is BTech engineer by profession and a comedian by passion. He is from Meerut (UP) and has completed his degree from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, IP University Delhi. Shivam was not a bright student but an average one. Somehow, he has completed his degree and got placed in a multinational company in Bangalore. It was the happiest moment for the family members, but Shivam was although not happy and satisfied.

Life gave him two options at that moment, either to work in Bangalore or move on to Delhi to make his dream come true. Shivam chose happiness over everything. He came to Delhi and thus, his channel “Swagger Sharma” came into existence.

Shivam made his dream come true with sheer dedication and passion. Initially, his parents were not supportive. But when they saw the huge responses and appreciations coming on his YouTube handle, they were convinced and felt contended on their son’s achievements. So, from then onwards there is no looking back to Shivam.

In year 2017, Shivam started his own YouTube channel “Swagger Sharma” where he posted his first video recorded by his friend in Manali. The response to this video was amazing and it motivated him to post more such videos. The channel teaches the viewer’s how things can be done without any hustles. Swagger Sharma’s unique style of story -telling is truly amazing. After getting the overwhelmed response, Shivam got an idea to make a web series and he tried his hands on making web series as well. The series on “Meri IIT Wali GF” was a huge hit which made Shivam the star overnight. The main objective of channel is to spread happiness all over by the comedy acts.

Today, Swagger Sharma is the most searched, most-famous YouTube channel. It is all because of hard work and dedication of Shivam as well as his team members. The main vision of Shivam Sharma is to take his channel to the next level by producing the best digital content for the audiences. Hats off Shivam! Who knows, an engineer would be the best comic YouTuber ever? It’s certainly the hard work and the passion along with dedication made the way beyond expectations!