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Study MBBS Abroad at Georgian National University SEU with ATMIA Education

The importance of education, especially for pursuing MBBS abroad (Doctor of Medicine) is reflective on the student’s effort in deciding for the best MBBS abroad university to secure admission in. Considerations are greatly put in place such as the university’s facilities, conduciveness of the school’s environment and ambience for a learning individual – all of which should be met to be friendly enough for studying and learning.

Study MBBS in Europe

Therefore, the Georgian National University SEU in Georgia, Europe recently partnered with ATMIA Education to bring aspiring MBBS students from India to Georgia for a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity. Georgian National University SEU offers 360 ECTS while allowing MBBS students to choose between a standard six-year course or an accelerated five-year program.

MBBS in Georgia is indeed a great option for students coming across continents. For someone who has not yet decided on which university to study MBBS abroad, Georgian National University SEU is one of the best European options, located in Georgia. MBBS in Georgia at Georgian National University SEU is not only fitting to tag Georgian National University SEU as an ideal option for studying MBBS in Europe, specifically studying MBBS in Georgia.

About Georgian National University SEU

The Georgian National University SEU has US$25 million (200+ Crore) worth of medical infrastructure installed for medical students to use and to learn. These facilities include Robotic Surgical Training medical equipment, 3D Anatomage and cadavers, simulated mannequin station, team learning centre, state-of-the-art libraries, simulation centres, laboratories, and student reading rooms. These state-of-the-art medical facilities also assure the great learning experience of MBBS abroad, specifically MBBS in Georgia.

Apart from their in-campus facilities, Georgian National University SEU is also affiliated with hospitals in Georgia that have total bed capacities of more than 5,300 beds. With these hospital affiliations, MBBS in Georgia allows students to experience free clinical rotations in European hospitals across the continent. This alone ups the game for studying MBBS in Europe.

On top of this, meticulous and good-performing MBBS students can apply and avail of the offered scholarships for studying MBBS in Europe.

Having such a good reputation for MBBS in Georgia, the United National Examinations and Mobility Survey have declared the Georgian National University SEU as “one of the most in-demand universities in Georgian educational spheres.” The university is recognized and highly-rated by different institutions such as the European Association for International Education, An International Association for Medical Education, Medical Council of USA, Medical Council of Canada, General Medical Council, and the Medical Council of India. This accreditation makes MBBS in Europe the best choice to pursue MBBS as a course.

Georgian National University SEU ranking

Georgian National University – SEU is deemed to be one of the most prestigious medical universities for MBBS in Europe specifically for MBBS in Georgia and it has been given highest national honours in Georgia and across Europe.

About Georgia

Nestled in the centre of Tbilisi, Georgia, the Georgian National University SEU is nothing but a haven and a combination of nature’s beauty and the city life’s charm. The city is known for its urbanized streets and view of modern infrastructure while also having a fair share of leafy squares, clean lakes, and green valleys. These attractions are the main reason that captivates the students to pursue MBBS abroad precisely for pursuing MBBS in Georgia at Georgian National University SEU.

Tbilisi, known to be located at the heart of Georgia, is a nature-rich city in the heart of Europe. Georgia boasts of its cultural and educational features. Their modern development and take on education, specifically focusing on medicinal advancement, has made Tbilisi an ideal destination for studying MBBS abroad. MBBS in Europe has never been the same with this balance for modernity and experience of nature. Rejoice in the world-class experience of studying MBBS in Georgia at Georgian National University SEU.

Georgia, the country as a whole, had been noted to be friendly to its students most especially to foreign students. It is with the same level of good accommodation paired with great facilities for education that made Georgia known as the home of best research centres and medical universities, specifically for the study of MBBS in Georgia. On top of that, Georgian National University SEU also makes sure that its authorization and accreditation are in line and fully compliant with the European and American higher education standards. Making the study of MBBS in Europe the most recognized and recommended choice for Indian students studying MBBS abroad.

MBBS in Georgia

The search for the best university for MBBS in Europe ends here at Georgia National University – SEU, one of the top five universities in the whole of Europe. It is a 21-acre campus big enough for students to enjoy the spaces and the fresh air. Without a doubt, MBBS abroad is a dream come true with the top-ranked institution – Georgian National University SEU.

The  Georgian National University SEU has been catering to foreign medical students looking for an ideal university to study MBBS abroad, specifically MBBS in Europe.

Georgian National University fees

On that note, Georgian National University fees are noted to be one of the most affordable, mainly because of their reasonable taxation laws. Georgian universities, including the Georgia National University – SEU, only prove its reputation as a good learning venue for MBBS in Georgia. Enrol yourself with ATMIA Education for MBBS in Georgia 2020, and experience the best education system for MBBS in Europe.

MBBS abroad procedure

Georgia has long since geared towards providing medical education to students all over the globe as they have also prepared for convenient and easier visa processing for applicants whose main purpose is to study MBBS in Georgia. The MBBS abroad procedure like visa application is also noted to be much more affordable for the study of as compared to most of the countries in the European region. Georgian National University SEU ranking is one of the best universities for MBBS in Europe.

When studying MBBS abroad, the students’ primary concern would be on the quality of the education, infrastructure, and the facilities of the university they are going to enrol in. What usually comes next is the overall identity and environment that the university they chose has.

MBBS students from India who would choose the Georgia National University – SEU would often find themselves in one of the safest countries in the world. MBBS abroad consultants recommend the study of MBBS in Europe for Indian students because Georgia is reputed as the 4th safest country worldwide. One of the sources of their pride is the warm locals who are used to befriending international citizens that have been part of their day-to-day life as many foreign students come to Tbilisi to study MBBS in Georgia.

Study MBBS Abroad at Georgian National University SEU with ATMIA Education - Digpu News

Georgia is also known to be an economically developed country ranking 6th in the economic progress as declared by the World Bank Governance.

The warmth of the people, the safety of the place, and the great medical and educational infrastructure of Georgia National University – SEU are just some of the few reasons to consider studying MBBS in Europe for Indian students arriving in Europe for studying MBBS in Georgia.

Georgian president Salome Zurabishvii had been quoted describing Georgia as a “democratic, peaceful, and European as a nation.” It is in this note that the president believes why foreign medical students continue to flock to Georgia to complete their MBBS study.

About ATMIA Education

ATMIA Education has been sending students from India to study MBBS abroad to pursue Doctor of Medicine in prestigious universities all over the world for more than 30 years now. ATMIA Education ensures studying MBBS abroad is no longer a big deal but easy for Indian students studying MBBS abroad precisely for studying MBBS in Europe. For decades now, ATMIA Education has been the go-to choice of Indian medical students when pursuing MBBS abroad. Since then ATMIA Education has already produced more than a thousand graduates and is currently being trusted by about 4,000 medical students in India.

ATMIA Education has also been recipients of recognitions and awards as it continues to serve following international standards.

For further knowledge of MBBS study in Georgia National University SEU through ATMIA Education, visit their website www.atmiaeducation.com or call their office at 69004-69004.

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