Skool of Hip Hop: A Dream Space for Dancers

Skool of Hip Hop A Dream Space for Dancers - Digpu News

The Skool Of Hip Hop is an initiative by Prince Thareja aimed at ‘Proving Society Wrong’.

The dance studio is a good initiative by Prince Thareja to provide a good platform to young talents so they can express their ideas and emotions in a positive way to the audience. However, facilities also play a vital role in providing a good platform to perform. As everything has advantage and disadvantage. Dance also carries advantage and disadvantage, as we already give a perfect preview of the advantages of dance.

However, there are some obstacles in choosing Dance as a profession for many as people don’t believe that anyone can feed food to their family by doing so But Prince Thareja also came up with the idea to get rid of this through the help of the facilities of his dance studio. 

So, Dance is not the only focus at the Skool Of Hip Hop, the main goal is to make sure that each and every student of the school becomes successful by providing them important necessities.

  • High-class dance studio and video shoot facilities which can help to grow the online presence of the students.
  • A business coaching session for students which help students to exactly know the different ways to earn money through this art form.
  • Digital marketing: This the most important thing these days as you all know we are not going to survive without a good digital presence. This will help to grow their online brand.

This way they can break myths of the society, Main Motto and tag line of the Skool Of Hip Hop itself saying ‘Proving Society Wrong’ which is a gutsy statement in itself. You can see the passion they have for their students to help them grow in life. Prince Thareja believes that talent is not the main issue here but the clarity and obstacles to pursue it as a profession is the real deal and we as an organisation is solving that.

The Skool Of Hip Hop’s studio feature floor to ceiling mirrors, and all the typical features needed in a dance studio. The studios also are set up with a wireless sounds system so that instructors are able to play music from their iPod/iPad anywhere in the facility.  This allows them to move about the room and still maintain the ability to adjust the music as needed.

Sprung wood Dance Floors are what really sets the facilities apart at the Skool of Hip Hop.  True ‘sprung’ dance floors have the right amount of ‘give’ to them.  Dancing on concrete or even ‘floating’ roll-out floors directly on concrete results in the body absorbing the energy of that impact.