Scaler Academy Review – From Upskilling To Your Dream Job

Scaler Academy Review - From Upskilling To Your Dream Job - Digpu News

With over 1,500 students placed in the last two years, Scaler Academy has placed more students at Amazon than any IITs.

Technology is constantly changing every day. Professionals working in the tech industry face constant pressure to stay updated with the latest trends. Upskilling has been key to cope with the ever-changing environment. Among the many online education portals, Scaler Academy stands out when preparing software engineers with better skill sets and jobs.

Scaler Academy was founded in 2019 under the parent company InterviewBit, by Abhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh. The two founders, who are both IIIT graduates with enviable jobs in the US, found that there exists a gap between what the education system has to offer to software developers and what the ever-changing tech industry needs.

What is Scaler Academy?

The vision of Scaler is to introduce a Stanford-like standard of education to the Indian market, along with additional value-added programs like mentorship programs, interview preps and placements. Scaler prides itself on quality content, experienced teachers or a talented peer group, and everything brought together seamlessly to create a learning experience that would produce the finest software engineers in the country.

Why Scaler Academy?

Scaler Academy has a tried and tested model of knowledge sharing that makes upskilling convenient for working professionals. The curriculum is designed to ensure that each learner knows Computer Science fundamentals (including Data Structures and Algorithms) and attains specialisation in backend or full-stack while gaining proficiency in System Design (High-Level Design and Low-Level Design) through a project.

Scaler’s curriculum is based on 5 pillars:

  1. Flexible And Structured Curriculum

Scaler Academy’s curriculum is vetted by top industry professionals and is at par with trends in the industry. Scaler considers the fact that most of their students are working professionals, and therefore all classes are recorded, with teaching assistants available to solve doubts. Scaler offers an option to pause the course, with lifetime access to one’s assignments and notes.

  1. Live Classes by Top Instructors

The Teaching faculty are all from either top institutions or the best technology companies in the industry.

  1. 1 on 1 Personal Mentorship

Every student is assigned a dedicated mentor. Students get to choose their mentors based on their goals and skill sets. Mentors are professionals themselves who work at some of the top tech companies. A mentor helps them with doubt resolution, career guidance and advice to boost their career. The mentor is an excellent resource for learners to help prepare them for what lies ahead in their careers.

“My mentors have been instrumental in my journey of becoming a better engineer. It is said that mentors shape your career, and in my case, this has been true. I was taught that consistency was the key to cracking interviews, and my mentors kept a rigorous track of my progress, which also helped me push myself harder”, says Scaler alumnus Sanjay Chandak. 

  1. Scaler Community

Scaler Academy encourages networking and community building. With more than 1,500 placed learners and thousands of others enrolled in Scaler Academy, the internal community network is vibrant and fulfilling. Through multiple channels, alumni and current learners use this platform to share information on job opportunities, collaborate on projects, help others with authentic interview experiences, and tips about competitive programming contests.

  1. Interview Prep And Placement

Scaler Academy has built an end to end transaction from upskilling to ensuring their students are placed in some of the most reputed companies in the industry. Along with the alumni network, Scaler Academy also has a dedicated placement support team to help students get to their dream tech companies.

Is Scaler Academy Worth it?

With its exceptional programs, communities and placements, it still begs to question if opting to study at Scaler is worth it. To put all questions to rest, let’s hear what the alumni say about their experiences.

“There are a ton of online courses and resources for DSA which are bound to leave you confused. That’s why you need a carefully structured program like Scaler Academy. The curriculum at Scaler is not like how it is in college—even the subsequent batch will not have the same curriculum as yours. That is how fresh and industry-oriented the system is at Scaler.” says Rajandeep Singh, SDE, MindTickle.

“A job at a service-based company was the only opportunity we had at my college. After joining Scaler, I was able to get job offers from Microsoft and Samsung”. Many learners like Devendra Verma benefitted from Scaler Academy with the proper guidance, knowledge and opportunities.

“Scaler’s curriculum equips students with the right knowledge and guidance to succeed in the industry”, claims Rethna Kumar, mentor at Scaler Academy and software professional at Microsoft.

Scaler is revolutionising online learning and upskilling in 2021. With over 1,500 students placed in the last two years, Scaler has placed more students at Amazon than any IITs. Scaler has created an accessible platform for working professionals to upskill and move a step closer to their dream careers.