Scaler Academy Review: Revolutionising career growth among working professionals in 2021

Scaler Academy Review Revolutionising career growth among working professionals in 2021 - Digpu News

Scaler Academy is one of the leading upskilling platforms for software professionals and tech students in India.

In today’s pandemic environment, with lockdowns being declared for months on end, working professionals, specifically in the software industry, have been facing challenges that have inhibited their professional growth. Working from home albeit a blessing has proven to be a double-edged sword. While you still get to attend meetings in your boxers, the line between housework and office work tends to get blurred. On a typical day before the pandemic lockdown, it was easier to section out a part of the day and make time to work on scaling up their career. Today, apart from finding the time, finding a reliable resource has also become a challenge.

To work around this problem, many software professionals have been exploring different online platforms to source videos and courses to further their knowledge. One of the more popular choices has been Scaler Academy. On speaking to a few software professionals, there seems to be a clear consensus that Scaler Academy has been one of the more convenient and reliable edtech platforms. The programs at Scaler Academy are structured keeping working professionals in mind, considering time constraints and the pace of the course. This makes the programs at Scaler Academy flexible and convenient to attend.

To review Scaler Academy, we reached out to alumni and mentors from Scaler Academy. Let’s begin by digging a little into the background of Scaler Academy.

Let’s review Scaler Academy.

Scaler Academy is one of the leading upskilling platforms for software professionals and tech students in India. Scaler was started in 2019 by Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena under the parent company of InterviewBit, a platform to practice coding for tech interviews.

Scaler academy offers courses to software engineers and students alike to master problem-solving and system design. The courses are structured and vetted to industry standards, with live online classes, practical experience, one on one mentorship and career support.

Why are working professionals choosing Scaler Academy?

The programs are designed to make studying convenient to working software professionals, with convenient timings and pace. This has helped many working professionals balance family, work and self-development.

While several other programs in the market offer similar content and syllabus structures, the personalised mentorship is unique to Scaler Academy. The mentors are designated professionals from reputed organisations who guide and mentor learners through the course duration and inspire them to achieve greater heights.

Sanjay Chandak, Scaler Academy alumnus and software engineer at Soroco, explains, “My mentor provided the first-hand experience of dealing with interviewers and questions of varying difficulty. The first time I was nervous, intimidated by my mentor’s brilliance, but he put me at ease, and from there on, I strived to be better every day.”

Other alumni resonated with similar experiences like Suryanshu Gupta, an Associate Software Developer at who claims, “My mentor is terrific in all aspects. I’m still in touch with him, and I was lucky to get someone as inspiring as him. I was fully satisfied on all these fronts.”

What can one expect from completing the program?

Scaler’s education program for tech professionals has enabled professionals with less than 3 years of experience to procure an average CTC of INR 16.5LPA after graduating from the program; those with 3-7 years of experience received INR 22.5LPA and those with 8+ years of experience received INR 39.5LPA. The highest salary package secured by learners was INR 1.5 crore per annum at a global tech firm.

What do the alumni & mentors have to say about Scaler Academy?

Apart from the exceptional salary structures and knowledge, the alumni and mentors speak of the community and relationships that they built at Scaler Academy – a network of like-minded students and mentors who continue to keep in touch and encourage each other to succeed.

In a world where almost, all communication has become virtual, Charu Arora, an alumna of Scaler Academy, recalls, “After joining Scaler, my vision and outlook have changed, I haven’t met anybody in person, yet they all feel like family. The connection with Scaler is just awesome and beyond words.”

“I feel that my journey and the difficult circumstances I came out of can serve as the guiding light for others. Mentoring most certainly gives me an unexplainable sense of satisfaction, as I can give back to the community in my way”, says mentor Prince Sharma, a software engineer at Amazon.

While the world continues to battle and heal from the pandemic, Scaler Academy has helped many working professionals in the software industry work on upskilling and growing their careers. Thereby, revolutionising career growth during the pandemic. To know more about what Scaler Academy has to offer, visit