Scaler Academy Review: An Upskilling Programme That Really Works

Scaler Academy Review An Upskilling Programme That Really Works

Founded by IIIT Hyderabad alumni, Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena, Scaler Academy helps working professionals upskill and grow in their respective careers.

In 2019, China surpassed the United States in terms of the total number of unicorns (206) that it has produced. India’s next-door neighbour is being touted as the next emerging power of the world. And this has been possible due to its decision to spend close to 15% of the GDP on education. On a comparison scale, India seems to be far behind. This gap, however, is not because of lack of talent or intelligence, but due to limited or no access to the right learning opportunities and skill development.

India has close to 4,000 engineering colleges. Despite a high number of educational institutions in the country, the real picture of the emerging workforce seems rather bleak. While these universities are producing a large number of professionals on a yearly basis, most of these students lack the right skill set required by the industries they aspire to be a part of. The curriculum followed in most schools and colleges is severely disconnected from the demands of the jobs these students land up in. This disconnect ultimately creates a bridge between what is demanded from a professional and what is delivered, leading to disappointment and frustration on both ends. Even with high credentials on paper, professionals continue to struggle with day-to-day operations and duties even after a few good years.

Trying to solve this problem are startups like Scaler Academy with a guided learning program for tech professionals. Founded by IIIT Hyderabad alumni, Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena, Scaler Academy helps working professionals upskill and grow in their respective careers. A former team lead at Facebook who helped build Messenger, Anshuman is a two-time ACM ICPC World Finalist. Abhimanyu, on the other hand, has led a team responsible for designing the NYC-based retail marketplace’s entire front end. Their brainchild, Scaler, brings together the idea of great content and mentorship, with additional benefits such as a strong network and placement support.

Scaler Academy Course

Working professionals who want to strengthen their DS Algo fundamentals or want to learn System Design from scratch take up the course for varying purposes. While some want to make a switch to top product-based tech companies, there are others who understand the need to upskill themselves in order to stay relevant and grow higher in their careers. Apart from instructors who have all had experience of building world class products, the personal mentorship that the course offers has proved to be a defining advantage for many.

To put things in perspective, Scaler Academy has already proved to be beneficial for several working professionals, with many Scaler Academy reviews proving the same.

Is Scaler Academy Worth it?

Talking about his experience with Scaler Academy, Nikhil Bhargav talks about the time when he got placed at a service-based company after studying at a tier-III college. While he did get the chance to work for a global client as part of a project there, he wanted to learn more and grow faster in his career. “The course was just what I’d been craving for since early days in college,” he says, adding that being taught by industry veterans is a very underrated aspect of the course. Despite having some experience before joining, Nikhil believes Scaler helped him improve upon how to understand and apply core concepts better. As SDE-II at PayPal, he now builds world-class products like he always wanted to.

There are others who have a similar story. Take, for example, Ahrarul Haque. The son of a small farmer in Bihar and the eldest of five, Ahrarul went through a lot of challenges to become an engineer. While he managed to get himself at a service company with his hard work, his determination truly paid off with Scaler Academy behind him. “As someone who belongs to the kind of background I do, it is a very proud feeling for everyone in the family,” he says, talking about his current job with Amazon.

Scaler Academy Fees

The 6-months course costs ₹2.5L with easy and affordable EMI options. With good performances in the entrance test, one also has the opportunity to get scholarships. While an optimally developed and up-to-date education system may take years, it is platforms like Scaler Academy that are making a real change for now.