Satish Sadasivan enjoyed virtual gala of Passion Vista on their 2nd anniversary

Satish Sadasivan enjoyed virtual gala of Passion Vista on their 2nd anniversary

Passion Vista is such a platform that believes in promoting prestigious personalities and give recognition

Unified Brainz celebrated 2nd anniversary of its international magazine brand – Passion Vista with most eminent Indians in its anniversary edition “The Most Admired Global Indians 2020” which was launched virtually on 9th January 2021. The spectacular event witnessed not only powerful personalities but also leading visioners from ssdifferent walks of life who crafts, curates and conceptualizes to all the industries across the globe.

For some people, a job chooses them. Qualifications, education, and everything else needed a step in the working world to make no difference in such scenarios. Satish Sadasivan, Chief Mentor and Advisor at EvolveBPM, belongs to that tiny lot of lucky people. He never trained to become a sales professional but surprisingly is prospering as one since the year 1995.

Starting from the time when sales meant door-to-door selling to a time when you can market products online, Satish has seen it all. He’s walked on the sultry streets in the Middle East until he made it to Europe and the US. Recognizing his innate skills, he embraced every stage of his professional career with renewing vigor. “Whatever I know today is through experience and my mistakes,” he observed.

EvolveBPM is a revenue growth partner for global clients, which associates with the sales organizations and maps onto their revenue outcomes. Under Satish’s mentorship, the company aids such organizations with well-defined and qualified top of the funnel / lower funnel leads. The company, altogether, generates opportunities for the sales organizations, which ultimately yields the desired ROI.

Accessing the right quantum and quality of data is the biggest challenge in the business of B2B demand generation. Satish and his team overcame this obstacle by implementing creative techniques. Together, they managed to stay abreast of competition in this industry.

He shares the ideas with much excitement, “We signed up with verified database providers who not only had a wide spread of data across geographies & industry but also had high-quality commitments. This data was then supplemented by an in-house team that regularly helped to refresh and keep the data up to date. We also invested in web crawlers and other technologies that kept the manual effort to a minimum.”

Every time a challenge tries to stop Satish from taking the next step, he powers up on added perseverance to get the job done. It always results in improved optimism, which makes him stronger to deal with everything. The willingness to trust his abilities and the confidence to back his actions are the keys to his “limited success,” as he likes to call it.

A man who acknowledges his weaknesses with the same confidence as his strengths can change the face of any industry. Satish recognized his weakness in making hasty decisions. Over the years, he learned to distance himself from the situation, analyze its impact, and then make a call. “This has helped me structure my thought process, decision-making process, and the quality of my decisions,” Satish articulates.

Half-hearted investment in anything doesn’t result in a favorable outcome. Satish is someone who doesn’t invest anything less than a hundred percent, be it his professional life, personal life, or hobbies. He’s passionate about everything he does. “You take the passion out of me, and I would be nothing. It defines who I am.” Satish staunchly believes in investing every ounce of energy into something and walking away from the results.

Only fabulous people receive prestigious awards. Satish, too, with his marvelousness, is the recipient of the Innovative Visionary – India Award by APAC Insider other than Passion Vista’s The Most Admired Global Indian.  Passion Vista is such a platform who believes in promoting prestigious personalities. To know more about the international brand checkout or to nominate for upcoming projects email at

His charm won him the recognition of the Most Influential Personality of the Year 2019. Throughout Satish’s professional journey, he’s won awards like the Pathfinder Award, the Global Sales Excellence Award, and the Strategic Sales Award.

Satish Sadasivan lives on one fundamental principle- “Invest in the process. The outcomes will take care of themselves.” What started as merely an experiment ended up carving out a beautiful life for him. He shares his mantra for those wanting to make a difference in their respective industries, “Accept people, life, and situations for what they are. Be true to yourself and follow your passion.”