Know Sankalp Yadav, the new face of India in the digital world

Know Sankalp Yadav, the new face of India in the digital world

Sankalp Yadav is a successful digital marketer at the young age of 17.

Sankalp Yadav, a boy from Etawah, has a new face in India in Digital marketing. He is just 17 years old and did fantastic in the field of digital marketing. In a very less time, he attracted 10 million audiences on Facebook who is now following him. Indeed, Sankalp has done tremendous work, and his hard work has paid off. He has proved one can achieve all goals.

At his age, people prefer to do an MBA, B. tech, but he has chosen to be a success in digital marketing. The digital marketing sector is on the boom, and it’s a future too. Everyone and every organization are moving towards digital marketing to grab success. 

Sankalp Yadav is unique. This 17-year-old was a backbencher during his school days; however, when one of his educators acquainted him with the Internet, his life changed. Since youth, Sankalp’s vision has been clear. In the initial days, he has faced many challenges and issues but eventually became a successful digital marketer. Accordingly, meeting the Internet was a significant advancement in his life. 

At a very young, Sankalp attempted making a site for which he needed to visit many institutions, yet ultimately, he could not bear the cost of the expenses at any of those. Sankalp Yadav is also the Founder of which is a news website. He went to the internet and began burrowing data on sites. He watched various online free video instructional exercises to figure out how to make the site. Simultaneously, he also ran over advanced advertising, and in the wake of doing everything, he turned into the organizer of his first site and app. 

The site turned out to be a rage within no time, making Sankalp very well known via online media. Since then, Sankalp has been called by various organizations to be part of their advanced management. To deal with these undertakings, Sankalp needs a huge team. Therefore, his HR group approaches qualified people in different universities and hires them for master preparation. 

Sankalp Yadav, a 17-Year-old boy who is earning from last 4 years has proved nothing is impossible if someone wants to achieve anything, and youngsters can do anything that will make India proud and generate employment, which will help the growth of the nation.