According to Rishi Khandelwal, modernization is necessary for progress

According to Rishi Khandelwal, modernization is necessary for progress - Digpu News

As per Rishi Khandelwal, Modernization is caused by these two main reasons – growth in science and growth in available technology.

Rishi Khandelwal has narrated the complete information on modernization in this article. Modernization is the act of modifying anything to maintain modern requirements or behaviours and it is an outcome of technology, education and westernization. Modernization and adoption of modernization is an utmost thing in the current era. Furthermore, Rishi Khandelwal has explained many benefits of modernization along with some drawbacks in this article.

Moreover, Rishi Khandelwal believes that modernization has changed fashion a lot and even children in today’s world more know about fashion as compare to their parents. Every person knows what they need to explore and how they can explore things as modernization influence people in all fields. Technology also helps in modernization at an extreme level because most people influence by others through technology such as social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

However,Rishi Khandelwal believes that modernization has changed nuclear families from joint families, as today people do not like to live in large families because they find it outdated thing. Moreover, modernization has altered and adapted new beliefs and attitudes, people are no longer interested in old traditional myths and customs which has both positive and negative consequences in various ways. Along with this,modernization has increased some undesirable changes in relationships as people are expecting more and more from each other and the gap between generation is also increased on a vast scale due to modernization which creates many conflicts in families and businesses.

In addition to that, Rishi Khandelwal has put a significant amount of focus on that the concept of modernization has increased pollution on a large scale as more and more plastic and artificial things are used in the name of modernization which increased global warming and corruption as well. Also, it has been seen that as a result of modernization, people are becoming more selfish, egoistic, self-centred, losing moral values and temper easily and money-minded which raised a question of humanity. Moreover, adulteration is also the outcome of modernization that threaten the life of people because more chemical and pesticides are used in nowadays to fulfil the requirement of food which ultimately have adverse effects on people’s health and well-being.

Furthermore, Rishi Khandelwal mentions as more and more people are forgetting their culture due to the impact of modernization, many cultures are lost and many more come too soon. Additionally, the old custom is the institution of future development and if we forget the old customs or overlap them with the new modernization concept, the progress can be halted and create much consequence on society. As people nowadays think that they cannot survive without modernization but there were people in old times who survived and live their lives happily because technology and modernization we used and adapted for us to make our life easy and efficient not we are for technology.

All in all, Rishi Khandelwal has concluded the article by saying that modernization has provided some benefits like it provide us luxury and high living standards and material comforts and it also helps us to save our time for leisure activities but one should consider both sides of the coin and people need to be more aware that traditions and modernity should go side by side.