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Rishi Khandelwal says Artificial Intelligence is going to bring a revolution

Rishi Khandelwal gives complete information on Artificial Intelligence in this article. He believes that we should take advantage of AI.

Artificial Intelligence refers to a set of strategies that assist computers in doing activities that generally involve conflict resolution and people cognitive functionalities and it is being used in different fields such as education, medical industry, entertainment, and the research industry.

Rishi Khandelwal says that artificial intelligence may be classified as computational systems that mimic human cognitive processes like communication, perceptual awareness, adaptation and acquiring knowledge, and thinking. The benefits of artificial intelligence in health care are overwhelming.

Several factors motivate the investment in artificial intelligence in healthcare, Rishi Khandelwal added. The first and foremost benefit of artificial intelligence is being used to evaluate and recognize structures throughout vast and huge sets of data at a rapid and accurate pace. Along with this, it can also be used to set out and manage resources in various health and social care services that improve the well being of society. Moreover, is also impressive that it aids in aligning various patients with care providers to suit their needs within the funds allowed for medical service and with the help of artificial intelligence people can raise funds for the betterment of society and so that in-need people can get instant help.

Additionally, Rishi Khandelwal has experienced numerous advantages of artificial intelligence in clinical care such as medical imagining, the screening process for neurological issues, and surgery. In addition to this, artificial intelligence has also developed some patient and consumer-facing applications and an example of such application is a chatbot which allows patients to interact with their health care provider from anywhere and at any time and it saves lots of time and money because people do not need to visit their medical practitioner and people can get instant feedback from health care providers regarding any prescribed medicine.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is growing day by day so there is a probability that soon, artificial intelligence systems may grow further while gaining the ability to do various activities in the presence of people’s involvement or supervision. Also, many devices are used today to monitor an individual’s health and well-being, one of them is the Apple watch or wearable health-tracking devices that tell everything to individuals about their health that they need to know to obtain good health benefits, Rishi Khandelwal advised.

In a conclusion, Rishi Khandelwal suggests that artificial intelligence is assisting individuals in gaining control over their well-being and healthcare and it is going to improve the abilities and capabilities of medicare practitioners. However, despite the tremendous prospects of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector, there are major concerns about the sector’s future.

According to Rishi Khandelwal, these specific concerns are about database protection and safety moral issues, and a lack of standards. In nutshell,  artificial intelligence will receive favourable treatment in terms of productivity and overall growth.

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