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Rajesh Kumar Sheshmal Kalal aka Rrex – The budding choreographer from B Town acing in Dubai

Rajesh Kumar is a fitness trainer along with choreographer for A-listers of Bollywood and is now popularly known as ‘Rrex’

India has produced a lot of dancers across the nation being the owner of the biggest movie churning industry , “Bollywood“. Dance is one of the key components of any Bollywood masala movie. Thus, choreographers have a prime job in any such movie. Joining the league of choreographers working in Bollywood is a lad from Gujarat, Rajesh Kumar Sheshmal Kalal. Rajesh started from the bottom and had his share of struggle before making it to the top. He belongs to a middle-class family. His father owned a small-time Tobacco shop and he even worked in the oil factory at a young age. 

Rajesh Kumar dream started working out courtesy his dedication and industrious attitude. He kept on practising for many hours and grabbed the coveted title of Dance Ahmedabad Dance. This paved the way for his success and he moved to the city of dreams – Mumbai. In Mumbai, he trained even harder than before and post some stint and breaks, he moved to Dubai wherein he was employed as a dance choreographer. 

Today Rajesh Kumar has predominantly worked with A-listers of Bollywood including Salman Khan. He choreographed the Dubai Tour for Dabangg. This was indeed a feather in his hat. Rajesh even worked with the ABCD series director Remo D’Souza. He was part of the choreography team in ABCD 3 movie starring Varun Dhawan & Shraddha Kapoor. Rajesh has turned into a fitness trainer along with choreographer and is now popularly known as ‘Rrex’. Rajesh’s Instagram handle is flooded with messages and enquiries as people want to learn from the best. 

His Instagram handle is rrex_dance_dubai.

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