How Online poker platform Stick Pool is disrupting the gaming industry

How Online poker platform Stick Pool is disrupting the gaming industry

The company’s 3D Poker and Live Poker are the forerunners in the arena of the online poker industry

The normal life of people went topsy-turvy when Coronavirus hit the world at the beginning of the year. The change that it brought in the way of living is beyond anybody’s comprehension. In an era of maintaining social distancing, smartphones became the primary source of socializing and entertainment for quarantine life. Consequently, it came as a new opportunity for the online gaming industry. The latest data suggests that 85% of online gaming takes place on mobile phones in India.

The online gaming industry is advancing at a fast pace. To kill the boredom and earning cash, people are betting big on real money games. Out of which, online poker gaming is the new quarantine routine for many skilful players amid the COVID pandemic. According to recent estimates, there is a tremendous surge in the number of online poker players with more than 3 million active poker players in India.

Incepted in 2017, Stick Pool Club – a premium poker player and India’s first-ever real-money gaming app is disrupting the online gaming market with its fascinating features. The one-stop application provides access to multiplayer real money games – 8 Ball Pool, 3D Poker and Call Break games, equipped with robust features to drive user engagement while serving them with an opportunity to earn real cash.

How Stick Pool Club’s interactive Live poker drives user engagement?

The company’s 3D Poker and Live Poker are the forerunners in the arena of the online poker industry. Understanding the present market dynamics, the company is continuing to come up with innovative formats for offering a real-time gaming experience to its users. In the past decade, it has moved from conventional 2D format to live dealer interaction that has spiked the active user-base of the app.

Recently, the company has launched its interactive poker format, the first-ever concept in any online poker platforms in the country. The format involves live models sitting in the studio to drive human interaction for amplifying user engagement. It further transforms the monotonous gaming experience and offers a real-world opportunity for an enhanced gaming experience of talking to a human directly while they play on.  

Being one of the most advanced poker operators in the industry, Stick Pool Club boasts user-friendly features to converse with real players online. It includes real-world dealer’s commentary, options to exchange playful mocking gifs with opponents, club room ambiance, and personalized 3D avatars. Additionally, its two-way Live Audio Video chat feature lets online players interact at the tables that increase social interaction between them. Such features have resulted in high engagement on the app – especially during the social distancing and self-isolation period.

Poker is a serious mind game, just like chess. The emergence of online poker games has made the players consider it as a real competition. To help them become the masters of the game, Stick Pool Club also provides a complete set of guidelines for the players with relevant Do’s and Don’ts to help them become a pro player and make real money while playing.

Stick Pool’s Growth

The Delhi – based company is bootstrapped with a net operating profit. Since online gaming has become the new normal during the pandemic, Stick Pool Club’s Live Poker has seen a spike of around 5 times in its user base. Additionally, the company acquired a new user base who wanted to experience the game of poker during Diwali. It resulted in an increase in the average time spent per user than the regular days. Presently, the 3D and LIVE poker has a registered user base of 5M+ with an average of 2 games being played per second.

Stick Pool Club is one of the pioneers in the industry. It is aggressively focusing on its future business plans by strengthening its outreach and expanding footprints to Europe and the US by the end of 2021. Additionally, it is continuing to organize in-app tournaments for winning real money jackpots, setting up Pan India Leagues, and also planning to launch a real-money Rummy game.