Oda: A New Generation Online Education Giant Is Rising

Oda Class Redefines The Future of Online Education In India - Digpu News

The one-to-one teaching approach of Oda Class makes it the best learning companion for today’s student.

Technology is revolutionizing the way we seek education in India. While existing online ed-tech platforms are old generation with stagnant technology, Oda Class emerges as a new generation education platform in the Indian online education market, leveraging advanced technology to increase reach and impact of the education system. Oda Class can help students across India to thrive through an active medium of teaching and learning. This not only accelerates the digital learning process but also paves a new path for online education.

Real-Time Interactive Learning

The learning opportunities Oda Class has created for school-going students in India since its inception in 2019 are enormous. Strong evidence indicates that students with weak academic background and risk factors struggle the most when it comes to online learning, further widening the socioeconomic gap. The fundamental problem happens to be the lack of adequate personal interaction between students and teachers. Oda Class eliminates this problem with its new Online Live Technology. The learning experience is enhanced with real-time interaction and virtual classroom feel. Learning via live streaming is an entirely different experience compared to traditional classes. Traditional classes are not always the best environment as the teacher cannot focus on every student. Livestreams could be replayed offering the students an opportunity to revisit the lessons at their convenience. Oda Class successfully encourages students to reinforce concepts.

New Methods of Teaching With One-to-One Approach

The one-to-one teaching approach of Oda Class makes it the best learning companion for today’s student. The new personalised teaching mechanism adopted by Oda Class boasts of one-to-one learning, facilitating a 360-degree evaluation of students in terms of their accuracy while performing homework, test results, the number of sessions attended and so on, which helps to analyze and identify the students’ weaknesses. Whereas a majority of offline or online education platforms conduct themselves in a way that they cover just the sheer volume of students, ignoring their need for personalised learning. Oda Class gives every student the power to learn at their own pace. Over 1 lakh students can attend live classes with unlimited replays to enhance their learning curve.

Seamless Learning with Dual Teacher Model

Oda Class has adopted the Dual Teacher Model, an approach of delivering lectures by a master teacher, with chat-based interaction complemented by personal assistance from an academic mentor available around the clock for doubt-solving. This not only creates an advantage for students, but also for the parents who can receive an overall evaluation of their child’s learning growth through a weekly report by the mentor. This model enhances the learning experience by making it more personalized and accessible, along with mentor support that is provided consistently with live teaching from best educators from NIT and IIT. The master teachers have over 10 years of experience creating a strong foundation of education.

Promising average user rating of over 4.6+ out of 5

Oda Class has a user rating of 4.6+ out of 5, proving it to be the most impactful online educational platform. Oda Class makes for an ultimate catch as it empowers students to learn from anywhere and anytime even with inexpensive, low internet bandwidths. As per data, Oda Class has been rising in popularity amongst the early adopters (the young parents) who understand the advantages of advanced technology that Oda Class provides with its systematic approach towards online learning. Young parents recognise the benefits of using Oda Class for their children over any other online platform, some of them being:

  • It is economical as compared to other platforms
  • Students have complete flexibility in choosing their schedules,
  • Availability of a vast range of study materials,
  • Advanced learning with new technological tools and
  • In-demand experts whenever needed.

Among the existing patterns of online learning in India, Oda Class, with its powerful and advanced technology seeks to be the most promising online education platform to Indian students who find online learning challenging.

To download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yyinedu.pigeon

To access lessons: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcab-IoGXvoSR3aoGEEtTiA