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Noratram Loroli, Founder Of Ambedkarite People’s Voice Wants To Bring Change In The World

Noratram Loroli Youtube channel Ambedkarite People’s Voice helps college youth in their education

Noratram Loroli, the State President Of Dr Ambedkar Student Front Of India is a successful Youtuber as well as a news channel founder. Over the years, he worked hard to grow every work he does and build trust for himself among people. All this helped his social media reach to vastly increase.

Talking about Dr Ambedkar Student Front Of India, it is a student body that aims to provide help to college-going students. Noratram and his team ensure that no issues are faced by today’s College youth and their education happens smoothly.

Talking about his YouTube channel, it is called Ambedkarite People’s Voice. The YouTube channel has about 6 lakh subscribers. Recently, Noratram’s channel was awarded the Silver Play Button. His news channel and its page called Ambedkarite People’s Voice and also is quite popular among people.

Noratram Loroli also has a strong social media presence. He is very active on Facebook and connects with people there. He believes that communication is of key importance if one has to make sure their work reaches to more and more people

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