Mohit Kamboj Shares the Secret Behind the Successful Expansion and Growth of KBJ Group

Mohit Kamboj Shares the Secret Behind the Successful Expansion and Growth of KBJ Group - Digpu News

Mohit Kamboj, founder of KBJ Group shares his success mantra of transforming the businesses and giving us an insight into how he managed to maintain a high productivity level in spite of the obstacles posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

After successfully transitioning KBJ Group during the pandemic, to produce higher productivity even in the work from home environment, Mohit Kamboj, founder of KBJ Group shared his success mantra of transforming the processes. Mohit believes that running a business is one thing but serving the people so that they can do better in life is his sole purpose of becoming an entrepreneur. Hence, when the pandemic hit the country and businesses were at a standstill, Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya focused on revising his company strategies so that both the employees and the customers can benefit from it.

KBJ Group, which is a private conglomerate firm spread across various sectors such as jewellery, bullion, entertainment, real estate, and hospitality. With the lockdown being imposed the businesses had to be moved to a remote working environment which was a sudden challenge and hence the management at KBJ Group under the able guidance of Mohit Kamboj devised some management strategies so that the employee productivity was not affected even while the employees had to work from home.

He shares that KBJ Group, as a whole, has adopted three key changes that have helped them achieve greater success despite the pandemic and improved the productivity of his employees and company. With the pandemic hitting suddenly, they first started with the implementation of a performance and productivity checker to keep each employee on track with each other’s performance and their contribution to the organisation from their homes. Every team member within the organization was encouraged to develop their productivity trackers through which they could assess their’s and their team’s productive hours and idle hours. This helped them keep their performance stable and acted as a good motivation for them throughout their work from home tenure, adds Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya. 

In addition to this, Mohit Kamboj also adds that he ensured that his employees were provided with all the necessary equipment that they needed to function well from their homes. Mohit Kamboj states, “Having a laptop and Internet connection may not be the only necessary things needed for remote working. It is equally important that the employees get hands-on training on the new tools and techniques deployed for remote working such as virtual conferencing, HRMS, etc. Also, some employees may need extra assistance or training sessions to learn the new virtual processes. In the absence of a mechanism that equips the employees to adapt to the new remote working environment, the employees may work with lower productivity which will hamper the overall productivity of an organization.”

Mohit Kamboj further focuses on the need to keep a check on the employee’s mental and physical health. In these tough times when the employees underwent immense stress, Mohit made it a point to e-meet his employees at least once each month to check up on their mental health. Additionally, several minds and body healing practices such as Yoga, Meditation, etc., were promoted by organizing expert online sessions for the employees. Mohit Kamboj has always educated his team about creating a strong work-life balance, which remained the key focal point in all his online discussions with the employees.

With the application of the above three principles, KBJ Group has been instrumental in carrying out its day-to-day operations with minimum disruptions even in a time when major firms are struggling to run their processes smoothly.

Mohit Kamboj has recently shared his plans of expanding KBJ Group beyond its portfolio with the latest ethanol project in association with the Ministry of Bihar. The project is aimed to bring in a new source of revenue for Bihar and open up several opportunities for the cities and their people.