Mamta Binani – ‘The Most Admired Global Indian 2020’

Mamta Binani, The Most Admired Global Indians 2020, Passion Vista,

Mamta is living her dream with courage and positivity, her work has been recognized by Passion Vista Magazine

Unified Brainz celebrated 2nd anniversary of its international magazine brand – Passion Vista with most eminent Indians in its anniversary edition “The Most Admired Global Indians 2020” which was launched virtually on 9th January 2021. The spectacular event witnessed not only powerful personalities but also leading visioners from different walks of life who crafts, curates and conceptualizes to all the industries across the globe.

Thankful to the almighty for the tenacity, passion, and wherewithal, Mamta Binani followed her dreams to become a practising lawyer. What makes her unique is that she is India’s first registered Insolvency Professional. With over twenty-three years of experience as a company secretary, she now runs a firm, thus fulfilling her dream to become her own boss. It always intrigued her to have an office with a chair designated to no one else but her. Having made that dream come true, Mamta considers herself fortunate and blessed.

Nonetheless, one cannot discount her efforts in coming this far in life, which she didn’t think she would when she was studying company secretary in 1995. But she proved as a student that she would become one of the most deserving lawyers and company secretaries in India one day. Mamta became the all-India-topper amongst all other females in the intermediate exams and stood 14th overall. With time, the love and passion for studying and practising law increased.

Today, as a practising lawyer and insolvency professional, Mamta handles business portfolios from the planning to the execution stage. She focuses on corporate laws like the Companies Act, FEMA, business laws, insolvency laws, competition, RERA. As of today, this impactful lawyer is deeply focused on the space of reconstructing and rejuvenating corporate bodies.

Brave and fierce, Mamta isn’t afraid of the challenges that face her now and often. If anything, she is thankful for them since she believes that overcoming those challenges defined and strengthened her. It was difficult for her to create a name and space for herself in the industry. But treating work as worship and every client as God, she triumphed to make a name for herself in the industry.

For achieving her dream and for the courage to follow it, she is thankful to her husband, Sumit, who embraced Mamta’s ambition as his own and stood by her through thick and thin. There were months when she struggled to keep things in place, but she never let the silver lining that outlined the dark cloud out of sight. 

Honesty, perseverance, and a positive outlook are strengths that Mamta is proud of. One quality that helps her get through the good and bad in life is her ability to be at peace with herself at all times. She isn’t guilty about the things she couldn’t do and keeps all regrets at bay, knowing that she’s done nothing but the best at all times. Mamta believes that the only way to overcome sadness is by focusing on happiness and light.

Mamta is fond of doing things to the hilt, reading, maintaining healthy relationships with people, and pushing her boundaries. Making money is never on her mind. Wearing her passion on her sleeves, she focuses only on work, the magnetic component of her career. Her family is her most precious possession, and she doesn’t want to ask for more from life than what she has.

With the message that positivity helps get through life’s twists and turns, Mamta endures achieving recognitions. She has been conferred with the Bharat Nirman Awards in the year 2010 for Excellence in Professional Services. Mamta is the first Company Secretary to have received this prestigious award and also the KKMERS award for Excellence in Profession. She also received the Tejaswini Award in the year 2010 for bringing change in the social sector and empowerment of women. Passion Vista recognized that and so chose her as one of the honorees. To know more about the international brand checkout or to nominate for upcoming projects email at She was conferred with the ‘Hello Kolkata’ award for exemplary work in the social sector. Wah Zindagi featured a telefilm on her journey, which is widely viewed on YouTube.

Living with a purpose, Mamta finds her inspiration from the soldiers risking their lives for the sake of many. She enjoys spreading happiness among people, learnings among the aspirants, lift lives among the disappointed. This people’s person is capable of weighing down every ounce of negativity with her optimism.