Mahaveer Shringi’s ‘Queen Of Sajjangarh’ Has a Surprise From Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

Mahaveer Shringi's ‘Queen Of Sajjangarh’ Has a Surprise From Anup Jalota & Jasleen Matharu

Mahaveer Shringi’s Queen Of Sajjangarh is a complete horror film, unlike Koi Sath Hai which was a horror-comedy

Filmmaker Mahaveer Shringi is all set to put his audience in a completely new world with his upcoming movie Queen Of Sajjangarh. He promises to take his audience on a journey that is going to be extremely scary. But, let us tell you that Shringi has a surprise planned for his viewers in this film which will surely blow your mind away.

Could you ever imagine our ‘Bhajan Samrat’ Anup Jalota singing a party song? Well, stop imagining as the one film old filmmaker has made this possible for his upcoming film Queen Of Sajjangarh. The best part is that Jasleen Matharu will accompany our ‘Bhajan Samrat’.

We all have seen their camaraderie earlier, but now it is time for us to listen to their new song. Do we know that you all must be wondering how Mahaveer Shringi got these two onboard for such a song? Well, the filmmaker revealed that it was Anup Jalota himself who agreed to sing this song for him as he loved the lyrics. Shringi assures that you all must have heard Anup Jalota sing romantic songs, but this is the first time that he would sing a party song. Now that is going to be really exciting, isn’t it?

Mahaveer Shringi’s Queen Of Sajjangarh is a complete horror film, unlike Koi Sath Hai which was a horror-comedy. He feels that more than 80 per cent audience in India still enjoy watching Horror films. Any other genre might fail at the box-office, but a horror film would never face the debacle. He feels even the Hollywood industry releases more horror films in India. The filmmaker has only one goal that he wants the audience to watch the best horror films. He says that there was an era of horror films in which the Ramsay Brothers ruled. The kind of films they made actually sent chills down our spines. Shringi aims in bringing back that era.

Talking about his upcoming film Queen Of Sajjangarh, Shringi revealed that this film is based on the lockdown theme. The movie would recreate that moment when the lockdown happened and how some people left for a haveli after this. From there will begin the reincarnation story of these people, and what would unfold later is for you to watch in this period drama.

With the release of this film, people might think that Mahaveer Shringi can only make horror films so he has an answer to that as well. Very soon, the budding filmmaker will announce his romantic film ‘Taperecorder’, which is the kind of romance you would have witnessed in die-hard romantic films. But, till then, gear up yourselves for Queen Of Sajjangarh, which is all set to release on the 26th of March.