Lokesh Raj is All Set to Rock the Gaming Industry with Red Owl Gaming

Lokesh Raj to rock the Gaming Industry with Red Owl Gaming

Lokesh Raj is the current Internet sensation who has stunned the audience by his creative videos.

“Eat Sleep GameRepeat” is the work mode of many teenagers these days. The craze of playing various online games has reached too high in this Gen Z kids. Many play games for self-entertainment but, some teenagers play for making money through these influential games. Meet the upcoming sensation in the gaming industry, Lokesh Raj.

Lokesh Raj is a talented young gamer and equally pro at making gaming videos on YouTube. His YouTube channel ‘Lokesh Gamer’ is popular amongst the gaming content creators in India. Lokesh creates video content on the Free Fire game which is one of the best shooting genre games in the current gaming industry. Lokesh grabbed the attention of viewers by making videos on Free Fire game and even massed millions of subscribers on the streaming platform like YouTube.

Influencer Marketing is not at all a new term in today’s scenario, the mastermind behind it is Dheeraj Jorwal and yes, he now once again ready to rock the gaming industry with his new venture Red Owl Gaming.

The Red Owl Gaming along with 17-year young Indian gaming sensation, Lokesh Raj is all set to break all the records in the gaming industry. Lokesh Raj is the current Internet sensation who has stunned the internet by his creative videos.

Lokesh Kumar’s Family & Education 

Lokesh Raj is from Hyderabad, India where he spent his schooling days. Lokesh is just a 12th passed kid but, he is completely a Pro’ in creating videos on games. His channel is most popular amongst the other content creators, and his videos are watched by millions. 

“I wanted to become a top-class Football Player as I was a State Level player,” says Lokesh Raj. He was not very much interested in academics but was very much excited in other curricular activities. Lokesh came into gaming after the launch of the Free Fire game in 2017. He started playing the game and got very much interest in it that after about a year he started making videos on the game and uploaded on the social media platform. Soon Lokesh got 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and his channel started growing gradually. 

Asking about parents’ support, Lokesh said, “My parents didn’t know much about gaming and they never scold me while playing the game. They know that I won’t do anything wrong. So they allow me to play games.” 

First YouTube Payment

Lokesh got the idea of making gaming videos by seeing other creator’s videos on YouTube. While playing Free Fire games Lokesh used to search how other creators top in gaming. His idol is “MrBeast” aka Jimmy Donaldson who is a self-made 22-year YouTube star. Lokesh started making gaming videos on YouTube. His videos were getting hits and catching the attention of the audience in a short time. Soon he started making a good amount of money creating videos online. The moment when he received his first YouTube payment was incredible. He says, “Everyone including my parents was happy and overwhelmed when I received my first payment. They were now sure that their son was doing good as he is receiving a good amount. So they encouraged me to make a career in gaming.”

Future Perspective

While planning future perspectives, Lokesh says, “After 5 years from now, I want to become like MrBeast. I want to create videos like him and get 50-60 million subscribers for my channel. I also want to stream with renowned Hollywood celebrity, Tom Cruise which is my dream, and one day I will surely make it a success.” 

Further, he added, “Dreams can be seen when you have the zest, passion & dedication to achieve all your dreams. You can make an amazing career in gaming if you are truly passionate. Being focused on your achievements and dreams is the mantra to succeed in this gaming industry.” 

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