Live streaming giant MeMe Live’s popularity soars during pandemic, clocks over 11 million downloads

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MeMe Live is a real live streaming platform to make friends and showcase talent

New Delhi –

Pioneering live streaming app MeMe Live, which was launched in India in 2017, has registered more than 11 million users as of November 2020. With the Covid-19 pandemic triggering some profound changes around the world, live streaming products have set a new trend for people to stream and make friends, and MeMe Live has emerged as the most preferred destination for Gen’Y and Gen’Z. In the recent past, the live streaming platform partnered with more than 500 agencies and over 7,000 broadcasters, including local KOLs and celebrities. It brings people a joyful experience by creating professionally generated content (PGC) and user-generated content (UGC) for different segments.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the mission, vision and values, MeMe Live formalized its partnership as MeMe Partners. Unlike dual-class ownership structures, MeMe Live deeply cooperates with agencies in all aspects like McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. It builds a reasonable profit distribution, monthly settlement and promotion system in India. Moreover, MeMe Live provides the most lucrative annual bonus in the live-streaming industry, which is a win-win situation for all.

MeMe Live was founded in 2016 to enable users to watch live broadcasting anytime, anywhere and engage with the audience via live sessions. The platform gives a chance to live stream the performances, broadcast what you are good at and let people enjoy based on the core values of integrity, innovation, pro-activeness and openness through a mobile broadcasting app.  Since its India launch, MeMe Live has been available on iOS as well as Android operating systems. It was later acquired by 17LIVE Group, the operator of Japan’s No.1 live-streaming platform, which claimed that the deal would consolidate the global live-streaming industry and expand into new markets upon the integration of the two companies’ platform resources, content creators, and users.

17LIVE Group global CEO Hirofumi Ono said, “The entertainment ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. It started as limited content with restricted watch time like broadcast TV. What followed was a transition into on-demand streaming services like YouTube and Netflix where you could watch whatever, whenever and wherever. And now is the time for real-time interactive content in the form of live-streaming apps like us. Live-streaming products drive people to achieve their dreams.”

Talking about his thoughts and expectations toward India’s live-streaming market, he further said, “India is one of the countries with a big entertainment industry encompassing movies, events and TV shows. As 17LIVE Group is aiming to become the No.1 live-streaming platform in the world, Indian market cannot be ignored. Regardless of the regions we enter, our mission statement stays the same – Empower Artists, Entertain the World. We aspire to make streaming a brand new and popular occupation for people from all backgrounds. We’re looking forward to seeing how the new trend of live-streaming mixes with the traditional Indian entertainment and becomes the norm of the new era in the Indian entertainment industry.”

About 17LIVE group

17LIVE group is committed to its mission statement of “Empower Artist. Entertain the World”. Through its live social entertainment platform, all content creators can display their talents and create unprecedented new entertainment. Through the 17LIVE platform, anyone can live stream their talents and passions to our worldwide user base of over 54 million registered users, as of August 2020.

17LIVE’s group of companies consists of 17LIVE, a real-time interactive and live streaming platform with the largest revenue in the Asian market (excluding China), “MeMe”, which has been developing in India and Southeast Asia for many years, “Wave”, which features talented voices without revealing faces, B2B live streaming and social business SaaS system services, and “HandsUP”/”FB-Buy”, which aim to simplify sellers’ sales process and buyers’ livestream shopping experience on social media.

About MeMe Live

Launched in 2016, MeMe Live is a real live streaming platform to make friends and showcase talent. It allows you to live stream your special moments, live talk and video chat with your friends. Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers and singers, comedians, etc. present you amazing live streams and live videos on the platform. It further provides services such as free live video chat & call, multi-call chat rooms and lets you create own radio channel. There are AI-powered effects and filters in place to enhance your live streaming experience.