World’s leading faculty participate in a pro-bono initiative, by Learn with Leaders, to mentor school students

World’s leading faculty participate in a pro-bono initiative, by Learn with Leaders, to mentor school students

Coffee with Leaders is an initiative by Learn with Leaders to connect school students with mentors from leading universities and Ivy League institutions

Learn with Leaders has launched Coffee with Leaders, a unique program providing students with the opportunity to learn from mentors from leading universities around the world and Ivy League institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Yale. From faculty and authors to academicians and researchers to science and technology experts, the program brings the best in education to students across the world. The 30 minutes of video conferencing include discussions on study plans, learning objectives, and career scope. Schools nominate students who don’t have to pay a fee.

Dr Viral Acharya, C.V. Starr Professor of Economics, New York University Stern School of Business, who conducted a session in August 2020, says, ‘Students today have a thirst for knowledge which goes beyond things available on the internet. I was thrilled by the questions the students asked in the session; it showed their passion for learning. I will be more than excited to conduct another session and meet new students.’

‘We have students’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Coffee with Leaders is a result of fulfilling this need. We are glad that this pro-bono initiative has gained global popularity and is drawing the attention of faculty and students from around the world. We ensure that every session adds value to the child’s education,’ says Gunjan Agarwal, Co-founder, Learn with Leaders.

‘Coffee with Leaders gave me an opportunity to speak to students from around the world under one roof. I was glad I could up their curiosity quotient as they began asking me questions. It was a lovely experience for me,’ says Lucia Del Vita, MD, VerbiVis Asia Ltd.

Kaia Dalberto, a French student, shares,  “I found the session by Women’s Debate Institute (USA) as an amazing learning opportunity,  for which I am very grateful, as it not only showed me various topics to think about but also how well prepared and educated students are from across the world”

Riddhi Moteria, an Indian student, shares, ‘The session with Dr. Colin Ong from Stanford University was very stimulating. I want to thank Learn with Leaders for this experience of a lifetime! The session was interactive and informative, with Dr. Ong answering all questions patiently and with a sense of humour. We could freely express our views. It gave me an insight into using creativity to solve problems.’

Coffee with Leaders was launched in July 2020. Faculty from around the globe have conducted several thought-provoking sessions:

Dr. Timothy McCarthy, award-winning historian and educator, Harvard University, discussed historical truths, prompting students to question historical beliefs and information

Ms. Neale Godfrey, Executive in Residence, Columbia University, discussed ways to start writing a book and overcoming writer’s block

Dr. Viral Acharya, C.V. Starr Professor of Economics, New York University Stern School of Business, inspired students to look deeper within and find hidden talents

Dr. Colin Ong, Personal Growth and Development Coach, Stanford University, discussed using creativity to solve problems and opening one’s mind to find solutions

Dr. Stephen Self, Volcanologist and Geologist, University of California, Berkeley, discussed the scope of studying volcanology and geology

Professor Veronique A. Lafon-Vinais, Finance, HKUST, discussed careers in finance and opportunities in the share market

Professor Lucia Del Vita, MD, VerbiVis Asia Ltd., spoke about curiosity quotient and encouraged students to keep learning and stay curious

CA Conrad, acclaimed author and poet, Columbia University, discussed creating spaces and routines that inspire focused writing.

Ms. Savitha G. Ananth, Program Manager, Harvard University, discussed entrepreneurship and helped students gain a deeper understanding of biosciences

Ms. Anne Fadiman, author, Yale University, encouraged students to find their voice and guided them to write exciting pieces including stories and essays

About Learn with Leaders

Learn with Leaders is revolutionizing learning and mentoring opportunities for high school students globally by connecting them with faculty and high-achieving students from the world’s leading universities. Learn with Leaders has successfully partnered with the Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness (CSDGC) at Stanford University, Harvard Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (HGWISE), and Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), among others to bring exclusive research-oriented and skill-based learning opportunities for school students.

About SpeakUp

SpeakUp is an initiative of Learn with Leaders that seeks to develop students’ power of speech and public speaking skills.

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