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How KYI Soft Solutions is propelling AI to reinvent the future of SMS marketing?

KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is leaving no stone unturned to upscale the market with its cutting-edge AI-empowered SMS Marketing Solutions.

The concept of bulk SMS is not new but has certainly picked up pace over the last few years. KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. receives a special mention as it is counted as amongst the best bulk SMS service providers in the country.

KYI’s exponential growth

Incepted in the year 2010 by Tusshar Agarwal, the firm has grown significantly. With over a decade of industry experience and having served more than 17000 customers, it is known for its high-end 5 minutes SMS API integration services as well across the country as the leading Virtual Number Service Providers in Delhi NCR.

KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. services customers across domains including prominent brands such as the national political parties, Domino’s and McDonald’s in the food segment, Hyatt and Radisson in the hospitality sector, M3M India, Signature Global, ATS in the real estate market, HDFC, DHFL in the finance sector, etc. just to name a few. It works with a ‘customer-centric approach and strives to provide high-end customisable services as per their requirements.

KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. boasts of a dedicated team that is well equipped with technological advancements in the field of Contextual, Image and Mobile Advertising that are the most in-demand solutions required in the current era of digital media advertisement.

Artificial Intelligence: The magic ingredient to KYI’s success

The firm is using the power of technology to offer high-end tailormade solutions for bulk SMS service, promotional SMS, toll-free number service in India, Virtual Number service, and voice SMS service. Adding to it, the firm also offers new-age services of WhatsApp promotion along with CRM-ERP software solutions.

The 5 minutes SMS API integration services offered by the firm is backed by Artificial intelligence. It is one of the differentiating features of the brand that is set to revamp the future of SMS marketing in the times to come. Be it bulk text SMS, short code SMS service, or long code SMS service, the firm offers leverages the power of AI to offer customised, reliable and state of the art services of automated bulk text SMS to businesses. 

Sharing his viewpoint on the same, Mr Tusshar Agarwal, Founder, KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are elated that we have had a successful run so far. Starting the firm a decade ago was indeed a challenging path. However, we continued putting our best foot forward and never lost hope. The outcome is that we are now amongst the leading bulk SMS providers as well as Virtual Number Service providers at a pan India level. The entrepreneurial path has been quite fulfilling and successful. Since the present and the future is digital, we rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence to provide state of the art 5 minutes SMS API integration services to our customers. On the whole, we are hoping to revamp the SMS marketing segment with our AI-enabled approach and high-end offerings in the times to come.”

AI upscaling SMS marketing

SMS marketing has evolved significantly due to the digital revolution. With the surge in the adoption of AI, marketers have been able to bring about innovations and step up their SMS marketing game.

Harnessing the power of AI, they are capturing customer data and creating promotional texts thereby paving the way for personalised customer experiences. They also get insights about customer behaviour, preferences and purchasing habits and thus service providers such as KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are able to curate relevant content and text messages to attract the customers, offer them high-end experiences and also garner profits for their customers/clients. They are able to cater to the extensive customer base seamlessly by sending bulk messages in just one click.

Hence, it would be appropriate to say that it is due to AI that SMS marketing has emerged as a tool to individualise interactions with customers. Artificial Intelligence has successfully automated customer communication and journey. Businesses are now utilizing AI-powered chatbots to create exceptional SMS marketing strategies.

In the present times, as mobile penetration is on a rise, organizations that leverage the power of mobile marketing techniques get to enjoy a competitive edge in the market. Backed by AI, bulk SMS is thus anticipated to be the future of marketing and KYI Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is leaving no stone unturned to upscale the market with its cutting-edge AI-empowered offerings.

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