Khimji Jewels: A Jewellery Sector Unicorn In The Making

Khimji Jewels: A Jewellery Sector Unicorn In The Making

Khimji Jewels has provided authentic support and true partnerships of value. Check how Khimji Brothers have built and grown the brand to make it India’s favorite.

Nearly 85 years of rich and golden history, carefully safeguarded for today’s generations to inherit. That’s probably the most apt way of looking at the glorious tradition of Odisha’s very own Khimji Jewels. A brand that started out in the small but princely town of Baripada but quickly became synonymous with gold standard quality, unimpeachable trust and unshakeable consumer confidence.

Today, when brands are going to town assuring their audiences of values like trust and quality, Khimji Jewels faces no such pressure. Because of the consumer-first mantra and deep partnership with its audiences, no matter where they are, this is one brand that has always enjoyed the deepest of proximity with its people for decades. 

Whether it is during difficult times or when times are looking up, Khimji Jewels has always been there with authentic support and true partnerships of value. Take for example the latest strategy the brand has deployed when the lockdown is over and people are emerging from a painful hiatus. In order to give its customers a happy experience as they begin their journey back to normalcy, the brand has unveiled the longest ever consumer support and celebration campaign that will run for 75 days across every media and platform both in the cloud as well as in the real world – from TV, print, outdoor and OOH to digital, social, www and all real and virtual CX platforms.

Packed with new launches and fresh collections, novel and curated designs, true value backs and promotions as well as the unveiling of a brand new e-commerce platform with state-of-the-art features and intuitive functionalities to make shopping for jewellery fun, exciting and rewarding.

A house of jewellery and fine crafts in gold, diamonds and precious stones that prides itself in crafting bespoke and curated products, Khimji Jewels has been one of Odisha’s best kept secrets till now. But with the new generation of young and dynamic leadership taking over from the Nanda founding family, the brand has some big and visible plans.

Just like Rome was once governed by a triumvirate, the leadership at Khimji Jewels today has three young Turks at its helm – all sharing equal yet clearly defined responsibilities as CEOs. Sameer, Nishant and Nishit Nanda drive among themselves portfolios critical to a growing and dynamic brand – from design and production to operations, finance, logistics, customer support and marketing.

They may be brothers in their personal lives but when it comes to building and growing the brand, they are three comrades working shoulder to shoulder to ensure that Odisha’s favourite brand now becomes India’s favourite too. And sure enough, with their indefatigable approach and limitless stamina, not to mention their experimental culture that allows people in the company to try and fail rather than not try at all, Khimji Jewels is one of the first and likely the only jewellery brand from the East to emerge stronger and more resolute as we open up as a country after the severe lockdowns over the last six odd months.

While showrooms were shut and there was zero business to conduct during the long months from March end to June, the young leaders devoted their focus and energies to build for the future. In a few short months, the foundation of a cloud delivery and fulfilment platform was laid, complete with discovery and evaluation opportunities for customers.

A native and dynamic WhatsApp interface was built to address queries and service latent demand. A dynamically updated gold investment platform was built from scratch that supported audiences across the country with the latest rates and investment plans. A catalogue display and marketing platform was built ground up in order to support people who wanted to evaluate and purchase jewellery from the safety of their homes.

Today, with always-on, active campaigns across media and a 24×7 humming pipeline that is filled with rich content, beautiful products and deep consumer insights; Khimji Jewels is well on its way to become from Odisha’s most loved jewellery brand to India’s favourite jewellery and lifestyle house.