Built in Guyana: Joshua Kissoon Talks About The Rise of Techlify Inc.

Built in Guyana Joshua Kissoon Talks About The Rise of Techlify Inc. - Digpu News

Techlify Inc. provides custom software applications, software development and installations, and IT services.

Ever since he was a child, Joshua Kissoon believed that someday his fascination with mobile phones, computers and other tech gadgets, will lead him to create something innovative to bring a change to the world. As time passed, he felt that the more he interacted with different technological devices, the fonder his interests grew in paying considerable attention to them.

Recalling a moment in time that really sparked his childhood curiosity, Joshua expressed, “In 2002, I think I was eleven, one of my cousins sent me his old computer. I was so fascinated by it. The fact that we can use the computer, use the phone line, use a yap jack and connect to the internet to make calls overseas and also play video games. I was really excited about the things you can do with computers.”

Following the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Guyana, Joshua went on to start his master’s degree at NIT Warangal during which he met another entrepreneurial classmate and started a company in Bangalore, India. Joshua later returned to Guyana due to family commitments and related that his motivation to start Techlify came from his experience with the company in Bangalore. Seeing fast-paced results and performance, he decided to end his tenure there and develop a tech-based company in Guyana. Now, fully equipped with an abundance of knowledge, practical skills and market versatility, he was determined to positively impact the local technological industry.

Recognizing both the challenges and growth opportunities that awaited, Joshua Kissoon, established Techlify Inc. in 2015.“It was really the impact that motivated him. He noticed there was a massive need in Guyana and Techlify had solutions to solve it.”

Furthermore, Joshua Kissoon noted that “Guyana has so much potential. We have a lot of opportunities to make an impact on our country through technology. Since Techlify started, the work has been around the business community, helping them move into the digital age of digitizing systems from paper-based systems, and putting business automation processes in place. Techlify is really helping businesses to become data-driven.”

Today, Techlify Inc. provides custom software applications, software development and installations, and a few newly introduced support services. There are also mobile app developments, IT automation, enterprise and cloud solutions, and network and IT support services, which have benefited an extensive list of local businesses within Guyana.

“Apart from that, they have an internet service, which is a subsidiary company that is a non-profit company the way Techlify Inc. is, but more toward serving the Hinterland communities,” Joshua shared. “So, it’s an internet service in the border town of Lethem and the Brazilian border. It brings internet service from Brazil to Lethem and surrounding communities. That’s actually one of the goals, by the end of 2025, to get internet to all Hinterland communities in Guyana,” Joshua Kissoon stated.

Techlify continues to grow as an IT services company catering to the business of Tomorrow. It has an extensive portfolio of varied IT & Digital services. It aspires to enhance customer experience, rationalise costs and accelerate revenue growth.

Techlify has won awards at BIZ X conference in the US for the Best IT Organization and the best business software 2020, and Joshua has got an award for Brand youth’s 40 under 40 entrepreneurial awards from the Minister of State.

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