Jeroninio Almeida bagged the title of Most Admired Global Indian 2020

Jeroninio Almeida bagged the title of Most Admired Global Indian 2020

Jeroninio Almeida partnered with Bharti Foundation and Network 18 for the Karma-Kurry-Kidpower book series

Inspirational orator, storyteller, author, trainer, coach, mentor, and missionary passionpreneur, Jeroninio Almeida aka Jerry, is a passionate soul always aiming to unleash heroic human potential.

Unified Brainz celebrated 2nd anniversary of its international magazine brand – Passion Vista with most eminent Indians in its anniversary edition “The Most Admired Global Indians 2020” which was launched virtually on 9th January 2021. The spectacular event witnessed not only powerful personalities but also leading visionaries from different walks of life.

Prior to choosing his vocation as a coach and personal development/transformation expert, Jeroninio Almeida was a serial entrepreneur having started the first boutique creative-advertising agency in India at age 17, followed by the first Integrated-Marketing agency and movie-marketing agency. In 1996 he launched a series of dotcom-ventures. In 1999 he launched a media & entertainment venture, before hanging up his boots in the business sector in 2002 and moving to the non-profit sector to head an International-NGO as their youngest CEO at age 31. In 2005 he blew the whistle on wrongdoings by international-aid-agencies and therein began his journey as a Serial Missionary Passionpreneur.

As a Missionary passionpreneur, Jeroninio Almeida launched several movements that are adopted globally like The Joy of Giving (2003), RIGHT-every-WRONG (2004-5), Karmaveer Awards (2004-5), REX- Not-Just-Talks-Ideas-For-action (2004-5), One-Billion-Rising (2013), One-Billion-Hungry (2006) and Swachh-Bharat-Mission (2009), which has now been adopted as a national movement by PM. Narendra Modi. In 2005 in partnership with USAID, NASSCOM, CII, RAI, FICCI, Jerry also created iTEAM- Institutionalised-Training-Empowerment-Advancement-of-the-Marginalized, later adopted as Skill India Mission.

As an entrepreneur, Jeroninio Almeida always advocated Individual Social Responsibility (ISR – a term he coined) and contributed 25% of profits from his ventures for social causes.

Jerry also created a charity-fundraising-lottery initiative in UK which raises over 500 million GBP every. As a social-scientist, Jerry implemented several programs like Caring Capital to empower farmers, India4Change to empower the homeless, disabled, sex-workers and people from the LGBTQ-community. Initiatives created by Jerry are case studies in premier-institutes around the world.

Over the years Jeroninio Almeida was nominated for the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, Eisenhower Fellowship, Yale World Fellowship, UN-Volunteers Awards, WEF Social Entrepreneur Award and the Magsaysay award. However, Jerry strictly does not accept awards since he believes that all the social work, to help create a better society, will also benefit his children along with other future generations. “There is nothing selfless or great about my little work, which needs to be awarded.’

In 2010, Jeroninio Almeida began his journey as an author. After the runaway success of his first Karma-Kurry which sold a few million copies, Jerry signed the biggest book-deal for Karma-Kurry-series, in Asia for 120-million-INR. He donated 100% of the funds to social causes and unsung heroes. He is also the author of the moJosh-Inspirator book-series with life, leadership and learning2learn lessons.

The foreword for his first book was by Nelson Mandela who said “Karma Kurry stories have that power to inspire people to rise and act, to make a difference.” Dr. APJ Kalam in his letter to Jerry wrote “I found your human interest, real hero stories, more powerful than the features in the Chicken Soup series. Jerry, you are India’s answer to Jack Canfield and a Rockstar Storyteller.”

In 2020, Jerry partnered with Bharti Foundation and Network 18 for the Karma-Kurry-Kidpower book series. Jerry pledged 100% royalties for child-rights-welfare. In 2017, Jerry co-authored Mann-Ki-Baat, with Prime-Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, which is a huge bestseller. Mode, an international business-lifestyle magazine, profiled Jerry in the 10 most influential authors in the world, along with Oprah Winfrey, Neil Gaiman, Khaled Husseini, Malcolm Gladwell, Thich Nhat-Hanh. Passion Vista recognizes such achievements with a belief in promoting such prestigious personalities. To know more about the international brand check out or to nominate for upcoming projects email at

As an inspirational speaker/ leadership coach has touched the lives of over 7 million people from 75 countries and worked with over 85% of the Fortune 500 businesses, all Indian Maharatna PSEs & UN Organizations. Jerry is one of the few Leadership Coaches who was invited and empaneled by the Indian Armed Forces in 2015.

Now is that not a reluctant Hero? While Jerry selflessly mentors people to empower the hero in every heart, he surely has become the hero of many hearts!