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Ishwar Choudhary On Child Education and Welfare Campaigns

Ishwar Choudhary is a well-known social worker and activist from the state of Rajasthan.

The state and quality of child education in any country acts as a major determinant of the future development and advancement that it will witness. In India, a large section of underprivileged children remains illiterate and uneducated throughout their lives.

Although it is primarily the Government’s duty to give equal opportunities of education to everyone, the role of social activists and welfare organizations cannot be undermined.

Ishwar Choudhary is a well-known social worker and activist from the state of Rajasthan who is greatly passionate about child welfare, education and support. He is an independent activist who uses his own funds for all the help that he provides to disadvantaged people.

Ishwar Choudhary has the belief system of someone who encourages equality among all sections of society. For him, education is a necessity and he has ensured that children of weaker economic backgrounds are not deprived of the beautiful process of learning and growing.

He has taken up the responsibility of a lot of disadvantaged children. Recently, he enrolled close to a hundred students at a Government funded school and paid for their fees, books and uniforms. All of this was done at his own expense.

Ishwar Choudhary has carried out various drives urging people to take the issue of child education and literacy seriously. This has resulted in greater awareness and certain affluent people have started supporting the education of children of the working class.

Through most of his activities aimed at the welfare and interest of children, Ishwar Choudhary has set a precedent for more social activists to come.

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