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iNeuron functions as a hyperloop that helps candidates get into well-known companies says Sudhanshu Kumar

The expert mentors at iNeuron specialize in data science, machine learning, and AI with extensive business and teaching experience.

iNeuron is an ed-tech company that intends to deliver affordable tech courses. It is felt that socioeconomic factors obstruct people from investing in expensive data science and data analytics courses. iNeuron visions that everyone is entitled to contribute to the country’s growth and should not miss the opportunity just because the cost as a factor for high tech education, especially for those who are willing to pursue it. They provide a complete roadmap to acquire necessary skills in a structured way, which comprises internship projects, assignments, and industry exposure. 

Ques: What is the motive behind launching iNeuron and what kind of sources does it offer in terms of upscaling an individual?

Ans: iNeuron is the hyperloop of your thoughts which proposes high-speed learning of the futuristic world that depends on technology. It simplifies the learning process through technology by providing affordable online courses, employment assurance programs, placement aid, a ground-breaking self-paced internship portal, and an unrivalled career portal. With the purpose of creating an ecosystem wherein every new course is offered, iNeuron invites users to submit a demand, which they endeavour to fulfill within a few months. Raise a need where clients are not only end-users, but also creators in their own right, with new courses, assessments, and incubation ideas. 

Ques: As an ed-tech company, how does iNeuron add value to the futuristic world and to the candidates’ lives? How is it different from the other companies?

Ans: Technology is constantly evolving and everything is dependent on Artificial Intelligence. iNeuron makes a difference in the education industry by making products and courses suitable for the futuristic world. Their portal connects the end-user to a wealth of opportunities like tech courses, internships, jobs, and the first-ever ed-tech OTT platform.

The expert mentors at iNeuron specialize in data science, machine learning, and AI with extensive business and teaching experience. We are also collaborating with YouTubers and creators who offer live community courses and live community sessions. We organize hack-a-thons to inspire young talent to showcase their skills by creating in that moment. Youth get ample guidance, exposure, and networking opportunities. We will leave no stone unturned to bring communities together and build an unparalleled learning community. 

Ques: How could someone gain industry-level expertise so that the job expectations match the reality? How does ‘job directory’ helps mechanize the thoughts or skills?

Ans: In the current era, everything is at your disposal, it just takes one click.  iNeuron functions as a hyperloop that helps candidates get into well-known companies. We assist candidates with career advancement and career transition through our courses, internships & job portal. What people learn and practice is precisely what they perform at the workplace. 

People who are connected to iNeuron gain access to real-time project ideas, a project delivery platform, an experience letter, free projects, a learning community, an offer letter, and team building. Our programs offer job assistance and we also refer our pool of talent to companies so the conversion rate is very high.

So far, our students have been placed in well-known companies such as Microsoft, VMWare, salesforce, Adobe, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, pwc, TATA consultancy services, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Capgemini, Accenture, Walmart, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase&Co., Fractab, OYO, SWIGGY, Zomato, Samsung, Paytm, TVS, Myntra, and many more. People can easily register with iNeuron to build together, select their favourite domain, add like-minded people in their projects and gain industry-level experience by the following procedure. The experience you gain matches real-time employment expectations. 

Ques: With regard to growth aspect, what are iNeuron’s upcoming projects?

Ans: We have numerous exciting opportunities lined up. Course-a-thon, a competition wherein candidates learn a new skill or two while competing for a MacBook Air. This event is ongoing and it will conclude on June 9th, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the participants develop their skillset through the competition. Those who are from a non-technical or non-programming background but want to pursue a career in data analytics, we will be offering a six-month live full stack data analytics boot camp with job assistance and internship for INR 4000.

It will prepare the learners for high-paying jobs covering all aspects of data analysis with live projects across all domains such as banking, finance, retail etc. We now have a start-up incubation facility in Bangalore, which we plan to expand to Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Noida in the near future. This will assist startups by providing the necessary team and ecosystem for their go-to-market plan, and it will be our way of contributing to Start up India. We’re also looking at many strategic mergers and subsequent funding rounds in the near future. 

For more information, visit https://ineuron.ai/

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