IM Stocks Academy Turning Online Trading Dreams into Reality

Dhruv Tuli, IM Stocks

IM Stocks Trading Community is the Stock Market Institute in India which provides Practical Live Training Courses for Beginners and Professional Traders along with super-accurate Callouts. IM Stocks founded by India’s youngest financial analysist Dhruv Tuli & Dhaval Metha.

Both are multi-asset portfolio managers who have proved that age is merely a number and not a criterion for success. With a stock market experience of over five years, their knowledge, experience, and determination have yielded fruit over the years.

When asked “Why teach?”, the conversation that followed was a true insight into the mindset of the young Indian entrepreneurs.

“If you have the knowledge and you keep it to yourself then you are only human, but if you share it then you are a philanthropist”

As the conversation followed, we discovered that the sole intention of making a stock market course available to the general public was simply to spread knowledge and awareness. There had always been false myths that had surrounded the word stocks and these young entrepreneurs were simply making their contribution to society by sharing what they knew to help the youth take their investment decisions themselves in an informed manner.

IM Stocks proudly boasts of 2 different courses that are designed to meet the specific needs of the average Indian Investor. The very fundamental difference between both the courses can be brought down to one simple question, “What kind of income are you looking forward to generate?”

The Imperial Project is built to cater to those individuals who are looking to understand the market and generate passive income for themselves. With complete equity knowledge for both short term and long term investment techniques, people can make better investment decisions with returns that can beat every fund in the county.

But for those trading enthusiasts who are looking to make this a career, The flagship, Infinitus Project, has been carefully crafted by organizing all that one needs to know about the market into one concise course. This covers advanced trading concepts and strategies that spread across the horizons of just equity trading. With concepts of Equity Markets, Derivative Markets, Commodity Markets and Forex Markets, the Infinitus Project can groom the most simplest of individuals to become professional traders by, what they like to call, mastering the market.

An entrepreneur never fails to impress us but these 21 year old’s successfully and effortlessly swept us off our feet with their transparency, simplicity and dedication. It’s both astonishing and fascinating to see such levels of commitment and dedication to not only oneself but also others. The companies call for duty stretches beyond a simple client – company relationship and that is something which is rare to come by and we are excited to see their & the company’s journey forward. IM Stocks and everyone associated with it is in good hands.