IHD Marketplace to set up diagnostics and radiology centres in Zimbabwe

IHD Marketplace Inc. seeks to establish a Victoria Falls Hospital Project in Zimbabwe-Digpu

IHD Marketplace project is aimed at fostering and promoting reverse medical tourism in Zimbabwe.

Delhi –

On Tuesday 15 December 2020, IHD Marketplace Inc. (Innovative Healthcare Delivery), met with the First Lady and Ambassador of Health, who is also the Patron of the Angel of Hope Foundation, Her Excellence Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa at the State House in Harare to discuss a wide-range of issues on potential investment and public private partnership (PPP) in the health sector. IHD Marketplace Inc.is a health driven, social impact, result-oriented and multi-partner organisation focused on delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3(UNSDG 3); Health for All.

It is led by Dr Parveen Singh and Ms Chitwan Malhotra, who is also serving as the Executive Director of UNSDG Health Partnership in Geneva and where she is responsible for initiatives supporting national and regional civil society to drive improvements in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) prevention and control, promote sports as a means to combat growing lifestyle diseases among youth and environmental health.

IHD Marketplace Inc. seeks to establish a Victoria Falls Hospital Project that is aimed at fostering and promoting reverse medical tourism in the Zimbabwe, with the country becoming a SADC region Hub endowed with state-of-the-art multispecialty medical facilities. The top-notch Pharmaceutical Company envisages a Public Private (PP) or a Joint Venture (JV) model, with the existing public hospital in Victoria Falls or the construction of a new Hospital and Wellness Centre.

Furthermore, IHD Marketplace Inc. aims to supply Pharmaceutical and Surgical Supplies to Zimbabwe from India. Due to several factors which include the lack of foreign currency to import, in the recent past the country has been experiencing shortages in these supplies. In collaboration with existing government hospitals, the Company plans to open five Diagnostics and Radiology Centres in five major cities of Zimbabwe. This will ease the access to affordable, quality diagnostics and radiology services to citizens.

The role that IHD Marketplace Inc. will play in Zimbabwe’s health, social and economic sectors cannot be emphasized. Apart from providing affordable-to-all, high quality and premium public health facilities to the majority of citizens, the Company’s initiatives will go a long way in generating foreign currency through medical tourism at the country’s majestic tourist centre, Victoria Falls.

The First Lady expressed her gratitude to IHD Marketplace Inc. for bringing these essential health initiatives to Zimbabwe. She highlighted that promotion of national healthcare has been at the centre of the President and government’s top priorities. Also, on her capacity as the Patron of the Angel of Hope Foundation, the First Lady has been championing the promotion and provision of healthcare to disadvantaged rural people, particularly children, the elderly and women. As such, the IHD Marketplace Inc. has come at the right time, where various efforts are being put in place to improve the wellbeing of citizens.

Since the recent past, the country has experienced healthcare challenges. These health challenges have been exacerbated by the emergence of Covid-19, which has affected Zimbabwe since April 2020. In the past three months, cases of Covid-19 have been going down but currently, they are fluctuating, up and down due to the recent opening up country’s borders. Given these realities, the First Lady welcomed and embraced Dr Singh, Ms Malhotra, and their delegation to come and invest in Zimbabwe, as their initiatives are part of what Zimbabwe desperately needs at this juncture.

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