Incredible! Hyderabad’s ‘Laptop Repair World’ exemplifies how low can

Incredible! Hyderabad’s ‘Laptop Repair World’ exemplifies how low can laptop repairs go

Coupled with same day at-home laptop services and genuine computer parts, the premier service center is rising in popularity


Computers or smart devices have become an incumbent part of our daily life and it’s impossible to imagine life without computers. When these computers/laptops stop working, the situation can become quite stressful to manage. However, ‘Laptop Repair World’ is changing perceptions about laptop computer repairs in Hyderabad city of the country.

Established almost two decades ago in Hyderabad, Laptop Repair World has become a household name in the region for its affordable laptop computer repair services.

The premier laptop computer repair hub, with service centers in Secunderabad and Hyderabad, is known as the most cost-effective, even brushing aside the likes of Apple Store, which are obviously time-consuming apart from high repair costs.

“Cost of repairs can be very low and we’ve been exemplifying this from the last decade or so. That’s what keeps us in good memories of our customers,” says (Bhikshapati), the (CEO) of Laptop Repair World.

While recalling an interesting incident, he says, “Recently, one of our clients, who got his MacBook repaired from us, he was struggling for many weeks to get his MacBook repaired from and did visit the apple store many times but he left with only frustration. Eventually with someone’s reference he landed at store considering us as a last hope for his MacBook and finally he left with a big smile on his face as our expert team managed to solve his issue in few days. This is how Laptop Repair World believes in customer experience by providing them affordable quick and perfect solutions

Touted as the ‘one-stop solution for computer laptop repair service’ in Hyderabad, the Laptop Repair World not only provides repair service for laptop computers, but for Desktops, MacBooks, Projectors, Servers, and AIO PCs also.

In today’s fast-paced life, searching for a quality repair center becomes a very hectic task, but the smart repair hub ensures that customers are served at their doorsteps.

Once a client registers his repair request through a call, WhatsApp or Laptop Repair World’s official website, the highly-experienced engineers from the hub visit the client’s home or office for delivering the services.

“It is only when the problem with a system is critical that it needs to be brought to the store. Otherwise, we always ensure that our clients are provided the repair services at the comfort of their doorsteps, with no extra costs,” (Bhikshapati) says.

He adds that delivering all these services at a client’s doorstep doesn’t only save time, but also eliminates any stress caused with the thought of going to a random repair center and believing in it right away.

The premier laptop computer repair hub deals with all the brands of computers including Windows, Linux and Apple. Their technicians resolve Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Asus, IBM, Compaq and Mac-based problems within hours.

Besides, Laptop Repair World also provides support to both individual clients and businesses with RAM or configuration upgrade, virus and spyware removal, printer issues, network connection issues, data recovery and other complex problems like server issues. Additionally, it also offers genuine laptop or MacBook parts at affordable rates.

Interestingly, the confidence of its friendly laptop technicians about their ability to solve the most complex laptop computer problems makes them stand out from the rest as they offer “No Fix, No Charge Policy”.

A free diagnostic at Laptop Repair World with a fast turnaround time and same day repair at affordable prices is a treat when compared with the competing service providers. Undoubtedly, these qualities have largely contributed in the increase of its popularity graph as well as the consequent, large customer base in Hyderabad.

“We offer quite a unique bunch of assurances to our customers, but we take pride in providing ‘Pickup and Delivery Service’ and ‘30 Days Service Assurance’ which is the practical manifestation of our core focus – the customer ease of access to repair services,” says (Bhikshapati) with a graceful smile.