Health is now global culture, says Nutraceutical Man of India, Sandeep Gupta

Health is now global culture, says Nutraceutical Man of India, Sandeep Gupta - Digpu News

Bridging the gap between Nutrition and Medicine for preventive wellness has led to the evolution of Nutraceuticals.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, India’s own Nutraceutical man Mr. Sandeep Gupta wants everyone to celebrate the spirit of the Doctor’s Day and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“In the era of ‘New Normal’ with the long pandemic story and daily stress, health is not an abstract subject at global and national levels, but a concrete reality that touches individuals, households & communities. Reducing the burden of diseases is very essential,” he said.

Mr. Sandeep Gupta said that the four strong pillars – Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise, Mindfulness and Supplementation are the adaptations for upgrading our lifestyle, taking our Immunity from Good, Better, Best to Robust.

Evolution of Nutraceutical Industry

Bridging the gap between Nutrition and Medicine for preventive wellness has led to the evolution of Nutraceuticals. These are basically supplementary products which are essential for a holistic approach, completing the nutritional macro & micro requirements for a healthy living.

Mr. Sandeep Gupta strongly holds the Baton of Authenticity, providing the Clean, Safe, Qualified and Effective Nutraceuticals in the interest of Public Health for more than two and a half decades. He has been a pioneer in the industry to get the World’s Best, Natural, scientifically studied and clinically researched Ingredients across the Globe for making Indian Population Nutritionally Efficient. He has been the Top Leadership Mentor for Various companies and has evolved the concept of Nutrition in Innovative dosage formats with partnerships and in-licensing.

He has screened 1000+ Natural Ingredients, and Conceptualized and Launched 600+ formulations based on specific health markers. The accessibility and affordability of Nutraceuticals to every individual was a concern earlier due to high taxation at 28% GST. Under the mentorship of Mr. Sandeep Gupta, this was reduced to 18% and he further aims to achieve as low as 5%, Nutraceutical, being an essential for wellbeing.

Regulatory Perspective:

Indian Nutraceutical Industry is governed by the set framework of global benchmarked food standards and practices under FSSAI. Mr Sandeep Gupta has been the pioneer who led in the forefront to draft and reinforces the Nutraceutical Regulation which was gazetted and released in 2016. This channelized the industry’s approach giving an Opportunity to launch various Nutraceuticals in India adopted from Global Markets blended with Potential resources from the home country.

Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council®️:

Mr. Sandeep Gupta highly persuades to bring harmony amongst Academics, Industry and Government. In his endeavours to do so, he drives an Exclusive and the Single Nutraceutical Forum, Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council (ENAC®️) with the Core Purpose of Creating Harmony through Education, Awareness, Engagement and Network (EAEN®️) for Growth Development of Nutraceutical Sector.

Sustainable good health and a long-term wellness can be achieved with good nutrition, adequate amount of sleep, physical activity and supplementation. Knowing what your body needs and supplementing with the Right Nutraceuticals is what makes a difference.

Mr. Sandeep Gupta has mastered the Expertise in Nutraceuticals, Authenticity, Due Diligence.  His opinion holds the highest regards in the Wellness Sector, across the Industry, Academics, Government and Consumer Forums. He is high on Passion is driven by Purpose which makes him Unparalleled Nutraceutical Man of India. Promoters and Investors bank on his Leadership, Vision, Credibility, Wisdom, Experience, Expertise, Intellectual, Approach and Network.

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