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Ghoshak empowers Indian MSMEs; costs lower than monthly cost of having tea

Started by Rajesh Subramanian in 2020, Ghoshak enables business owners to efficiently conduct their day-to-day operations with plug-and-play technology.

India is on economic revival after the tumultuous two years. With every sector bouncing back, technology has been a key player during the lockdown and post lockdown phase. The technology that was once good to have is now a must-have. As a result, the reception of digital channels has increased from 29% for small businesses before Covid to 47% in November 2020, as per Crisil overview.

Hemanth, a customized gift shop owner in Chennai, could not sell for months during the pandemic. People were under lockdown and could not meet others to celebrate various occasions. Though there was a demand for customized gifts to send to each other, he was clueless about making people aware of his shop and services.

Another business owner, Ruban, who sells organic food items, found it difficult to connect with his customers during the pandemic. With a niche customer base and everything under lockdown, he struggled to market his products or reach his regular customers. Many small and medium-sized business owners will relate to these stories as everyone faced the unexpected events that unfolded in the past two years. However, the economy is regaining slowly and steadily, and technology played a vital role in helping many sails through the storm.

Started by Rajesh Subramanian in 2020, Ghoshak enables business owners to efficiently conduct their day-to-day operations with plug-and-play technology. The app that costs less than having a monthly tea is built to empower MSMEs digitally. From creating an online store, booking appointments, digital payments, inventory management to offering discounts, a shop owner can sell from anywhere and everywhere. Today, more than 30 corner shops are using Ghoshak in 60% of pin codes in Chennai itself.

Ghoshak empowers Indian MSMEs, costs lower than monthly cost of having tea - Digpu News

The pandemic led to the rise of many homegrown businesses like home bakeries, fashion businesses, thrift businesses and many more. Many young entrepreneurs and women operate independently, and most of them require a non-complex website. With Ghoshak, one can get their brand online in just three simple steps through a no-coding required website.

Rajesh saw the opportunity and gap in this vast but unorganized sector. No player in the market provides end-to-end retail technology, a front-end app, and a website. Ghoshak’s POS (Point Of Sale) is fully integrated with omnichannel retail solutions. This cloud-based POS can improve business efficiency through features like paperless invoices, inventory management, online bills and orders, reports, loyalty programs to attract customers, and more.

6.3 crores is the number of MSMEs we have in India, as per the MSME Ministry. However, there are only a few players for small businesses in a country that has established tech services for relatively large corporations. With his rich experience working with global tech companies, Rajesh wanted to start an enterprise software company in India to cater to small business owners. He observed a great opportunity where small businesses are equipped with the right technology to compete with large e-commerce companies and retail chains.

Ghoshak has more than 15,000 active subscribers and more than 50,000 app downloads. Currently available on Google Play, businesses like restaurants, meat shops, organic products, mobile & accessory shops, parlours, boutiques, tailors are using Ghoshak’s intuitive UI with a seamless experience.

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